Thousands of voters in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus today elect the representatives of Parliament

Voters in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus went to the polls on Sunday morning, to cast their ballots in the early general elections.

The number of registered voters in the country is 203,792. They started casting their votes as of eight in the morning local time.

Voting continues until 6 pm, and preliminary unofficial results are expected to be announced tonight. For parties to enter parliament, the electoral threshold of 5% is required.

Eight parties and 403 candidates, including 3 independents, are competing in the elections to enter the 50-seat parliament. Among the most prominent parties participating in the elections: the National Unity Party, the Turkish Republican Party, and the People’s Party.

The National Unity Party has 20 seats in the current parliament, the Republic of Turkey 12 seats, and the People’s Party 6 seats.

The contestants in this election are 8 parties and 403 candidates (French)

The last parliamentary elections in Turkish Cyprus were held on January 7, 2018.

On the fifth of last November, the head of the National Unity Party, Fayez Sogooglu, announced the formation of a coalition government with the Democratic Party, pending early elections.

The previous government – headed by Arsan Saner – announced its resignation, on October 13, due to the problems faced by the three partner parties in the coalition government.

Saner explained at the time that the resignation of the coalition government, which includes, in addition to “National Unity”, the “Ennahda” and “Democratic” parties, came due to the internal problems of the constituent parties, which made its continuation difficult.

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