Tunisia.. A party condemns the attempt to subjugate the judiciary to the will of President Said, and another rejects his exclusive authority

The Tunisian Republican Party said that the Supreme Judicial Council “is under fierce attack and an attempt to subjugate it to the will of the President of the Republic,” calling for coordinating efforts to fight and win the battle for the independence of the judiciary.

And the Republican, who does not have members of Parliament, said in a statement that Saeed “is seeking to complete the collection of all powers in his hands and abolish the role of supervisory bodies, to cover up the abject failure in dealing with the burning issues of Tunisians, foremost of which is the economic and financial crisis that threatens the state with bankruptcy and collapse.” “.

The party’s comment came after the President of the Republic issued a decree last Wednesday that stipulates an end to the grants and privileges granted to members of the Supreme Judicial Council, which is a constitutional body concerned with monitoring the proper functioning of the judiciary.

Military Judgement

Al-Jumhouri also condemned what he said was “the intrusion of the military judiciary and its use to target civilians and opponents of the coup approach,” including referring the former dean of lawyers and human rights activist Abdul Razzaq Al-Kilani to the military court.

And human rights sources reported last Friday that the authorities had referred this activist to a military investigation, and Al-Kilani is a member of the defense committee for Noureddine Al-Buhairi, 63, the deputy head of the Ennahda movement, who is under house arrest.

On the other hand, the National Council of the Democratic Bloc for Labor and Freedoms party said that Saeed was doing “a systematic work to dismantle state institutions, restrict the media, undermine the judiciary, strike the local authority, and demonize the components of civil and political society.”

suppression of demonstrations

This party denounced what it called “violating rights and freedoms and brutal attacks on female demonstrators, male and female journalists, and journalists and families of the martyrs of the revolution” during the celebration of the anniversary of the revolution against the regime of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

And regarding the suppression of the revolution anniversary demonstrations, the parliamentary bloc of the Ennahda movement demanded today to speed up investigations related to the death of one of the participants in the demonstrations, which raised slogans rejecting exceptional measures according to which Saeed disrupted the work of Parliament, abolished the immunity of its members, dissolved the government and issued legislation with presidential decrees.

The “Citizens Against the Coup” initiative said last Wednesday that a demonstrator died in a hospital in the capital, as a result of serious injuries he sustained as a result of the security forces’ violence against the participants in the demonstrations on Friday, January 14th.

It is noteworthy that this country has been experiencing a severe political crisis since last July 25, when the president began imposing his exceptional measures, which he said were aimed at “protecting the state from an imminent danger.” The majority of political forces rejected it and saw it as a coup against the constitution, while other forces supported it and saw it as a correction to the course of the 2011 revolution.

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