An American soldier with supernatural pharaonic abilities.. “The Moon Knight” is the latest Marvel work

The series will be shown on Disney Plus on March 30th.

After a long wait, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has revealed the trailer for the action-adventure series “Moon Knight”, inspired by Marvel’s superhero comics, featuring the story of the hero Mark Spector, a former US soldier who suffers from an identity crisis, and fights criminals thanks to The power granted to him by the ancient Egyptian “moon god” Khonsu.

The series will be shown on the “Disney +” platform on March 30, and it consists of 6 episodes to show the story of “The Moon Knight”, whose comic story was first published in 1975, and was written by writer Doug Munch and painter Don Berlin, but the new series is not like Totally the original story, after introducing a lot of updates and new characters to it.

troubled superhero

At the beginning of the trailer, Spector appears as “Stephen”, a gift shop employee in a British Museum, who can’t distinguish between his normal life and his dreams, and he plays with a Rubik’s cube because he can’t sleep, and in the morning he jumps out of bed in a panic to find his feet tied to his bed He seems to have forgotten that he had tied himself up the night before to prevent himself from walking and moving during his sleep.

One night at the museum, he discovered a hidden key and an old phone that was ringing, and when he answered it, the woman on the other end of the phone shouted, “What’s wrong, Mark?” It is Mark Spector, one of Stephen’s identities, and the two characters must learn how to deal with one body, after it plunges them into a deadly mystery between the “gods of ancient Egypt”.

Stephen meets his nemesis Arthur Harrow, who tells him, “There’s chaos in you, embrace this darkness.” But Stephen doesn’t seem to embrace the chaos so easily, kicking the glass, screaming, and dropping a gun after suddenly realizing he’s carrying it, before at the end of the clip transforming into a Moon Knight in his mummy costume, brutally beating someone whose identity is not revealed.

modern touch

Unlike most previous Marvel universes, “Moon Knight” charts a new path with a new cast of characters, and a story that differs from the original story of the comics. In his first appearance in 1975, the Moon Knight had superpowers based on the phases of the moon, but recent versions have developed his abilities with the help of advanced gadgets, attracting comic fans to compare the character to the superhero Batman.

The hero of the series, Oscar Isaac, who previously participated in the famous series “Star Wars”, and the movie “X-Men: Apocalypse”, also affiliated with Marvel, stated that the cast of the series “Moon Knight” is working. On “producing something completely different, in the sense that it doesn’t follow the logic of a lot of superhero movies.”

The American Ethan Hawke participates in the role of the villain Arthur Harrow, and Hawke surprised viewers during his meeting last August with strange news, which is that his character in “The Moon Knight” was inspired by the character of David Koresh, the leader of the religious branch of the Davidic branch who was killed in the siege of the city of Waco Texas State in 1993.

Egyptian post

The Egyptian Mohamed Diab directed 4 episodes of the series, and Diab gained wide fame after his movie “Engage”, which was released in 2016, and won 4 awards at the Cannes Film Festival, and finally his movie “Princess”, which sparked a great wave of anger after its screening, and was accused of abusing the prisoners. The Palestinians, which led to the suspension of his presentation and his withdrawal from the Oscars.

Diab is not the only Egyptian in the “Fares Al Qamar” team, as it includes the Egyptian montage team Ahmed Hafez, and she also participates in the Egyptian-Palestinian cast, Mai Al Qalamawi. The other two episodes are co-directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Morehead, and the series was written by Jeremy Slater, author of The Umbrella Academy and Fantastic Four.

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