‘Angry’ Medvedev calls toilet rules at Australian Open as ‘stupid’

Australian Open favorite Daniil Medvedev described toilet rules as “stupid” after a heated argument with the referee over breaks during his fourth-round win over Maxim Cressi in sweltering heat on Monday.

Russian Medvedev argued with French referee Renaud Liechtenstein over the new rules that require players to have a maximum break outside the field of 3 minutes, with an addition of two minutes when changing clothes.

After a difficult victory over his American opponent 6-2 7-6 6-7 7-5 at Margaret Court Court, the second seed said the players needed plenty of time to rest on sweltering days.

Medvedev told reporters, “What I know is that when I play in 35C I will change my clothes after two sets because of the sweat, and to change all the clothes I need about 4 minutes and I need to defecate after the first set. So I don’t see the logic in these rules, so I can He described it as stupid.”

“I was very angry about some things. First, I don’t really know what to do to play on the center court in the major tournaments, because I won my last major title and I’m the highest ranked here,” the US Open champion and top-ranked player at Melbourne Park said after Novak Djokovic was removed from Australia. It was easier to play against Maxim at Rod Laver Arena because there are more spaces.”

He continued, “When you play on a smaller court, the match is more difficult against an opponent who hits the serve hard and plays air balls.”

Medvedev, last year’s runner-up to Djokovic, will meet Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime for a place in the gold medal standings.

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