Corona… 60 percent of the European population is expected to be infected, and protests against compulsory vaccination continue

The branch of the World Health Organization in Europe said that the “Omicron” mutant of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) is expected to infect 60% of Europeans by next March. While Beijing announced that it would examine an entire neighborhood after discovering a focus of the virus, the epidemic continues to spread, bringing the number of people infected with it globally to more than 352 million.

And the director of the European branch of the World Health Organization, Hans Kluge, announced – yesterday, Sunday – that the Omicron mutant, which may infect 60% of Europeans by March, has launched a new stage of the Covid-19 epidemic in the region and may bring the health crisis closer to the end.

“It is possible that the region is nearing the end of the epidemic,” Kluge told AFP, but urged caution about the changing reality of the virus.

The number of HIV infections exceeded the 352 million mark (French)

Actions and protests

In a context related to the virus and measures, clashes erupted on Sunday in Brussels between the police and opponents of the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19 and the health passport, during a demonstration in which tens of thousands participated.

According to the authorities, about 50,000 people demonstrated in the Belgian capital, some of whom came from other European countries. This is the largest series of demonstrations in the city in recent months.

Belgian police fired water cannons and tear gas, in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators.

For several weeks, Brussels has been witnessing regular demonstrations against the mandatory health passport, especially for going to restaurants and attending cultural events, while some previous demonstrations were interrupted by clashes with security forces.

Belgium witnessed a surge in daily injuries, which exceeded 60,000 last week, in a development that the authorities likened to a “tsunami”.

In this context, the Belgian Prime Minister announced – on Friday – that restaurants and bars can extend their working hours, while nightclubs will remain closed.

And on Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets in France, Germany and Sweden, in demonstrations against compulsory vaccination and precautionary measures to combat the epidemic.

Coronavirus pandemic in GermanyEpidemiological investigations in Germany (Anatolia)

Focus and cuts

And in China, the city of Beijing announced – yesterday, Sunday – that it will conduct tests for all residents of a neighborhood in the Fengtai region after discovering a focus of the Corona virus, less than two weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics in the Chinese capital.

Since the end of last week, about 40 cases of Covid have been recorded in Beijing, most of them with the delta mutant.

The population of Fengtai is about two million, and the neighborhood in question includes the Qinfadi market, which in 2020 formed a hotbed of the virus due to traces of Corona detected on a cutting board for imported quantities of salmon.

For its part, the Palestinian Prisoners Club (non-governmental) announced yesterday, Sunday, that 100 Palestinian prisoners had been infected with the Corona virus, in the Israeli Ofer Prison.

The Prisoner Club stated – in a brief statement – that the injuries were recorded in Section 22 of the prison, which holds 160 Palestinian prisoners, after the results of the analyzes were issued.

Until the end of December 2021, the number of Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons reached about 4,600, including about 600 patients, 4 of whom had cancer, according to institutions concerned with prisoners’ affairs.

The total of vaccines against Corona that were given worldwide exceeded 9 billion doses (Reuters)

Statistics and numbers

And this morning, Monday, aggregate data showed that the total number of Corona virus infections around the world exceeded 352 million and 130 thousand cases as of 07:00 GMT, while the number of deaths reached 5 million and 614 thousand and 795 deaths.

The collected data indicated that the total number of vaccines against Corona that were given worldwide exceeded 9 billion and 799 million doses.

It should be noted that there are a number of agencies that provide aggregate data on Corona around the world, and there may be some differences between them.

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