Russia and Ukraine.. Crowds at the border and mobilization in the media

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As the atmosphere of war looms between Russia and Ukraine, the confrontation between the two countries intensifies in the media, and the war erupts in newspapers and news channels, in a scene that observers likened to the atmosphere of the Cold War.

In light of expectations among the US intelligence community that military developments might occur within a few weeks, the war intensified in the media between Russia and Ukraine.

And the media backed by the Russian government is beating the drums of war, albeit in a low voice. On the surface, it seems similar to what happened in 2014, when Russian forces invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

Some Ukrainian analysts described the Russian media’s coverage of the current crisis between Moscow and Kiev as laughable, as everything that happens inside Russia is ignored, such as violations and the absence of press freedom.

Russian President Vladimir Putin had indicated his intentions about Ukraine last July, when the Kremlin published a 5,000-word article written by Putin on the historical union between Russians and Ukrainians. The article was published in 3 languages, addressed to Russians, Ukrainians and English-speaking people.

The article caused controversy and debate on news channels, and Ukrainian analysts criticized the Russians’ denial of Ukraine’s sovereignty on state television, and some described it as a historical mistake.

For his part, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s response to Putin’s article was ridiculous.

It is known that Zelensky – a former comedian – is trying to get his hands on news channels, and has suspended the work of 3 Ukrainian news channels.

Ukraine had been subjected to a cyber-attack targeting more than 70 government websites, amid Russian silence, and Kiev then pointed the finger at Russian hackers, surprising that the news of the attack reached Russian media before the Ukrainian press learned about it.

Although the relationship between Moscow and Kiev has deteriorated since Russia’s takeover of Crimea in 2014, the situation these days portends a dangerous and imminent development.

On the ground, a Russian force of no less than 100,000 soldiers is deployed along the border between the two countries, and on the opposite front, 130,000 Ukrainian soldiers are motivated to respond.

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