The latest bedroom decorations for the newlyweds in 2022.. Modern and contemporary designs

Beirut – With the beginning of each new year, we find a tremendous development in the world of home decoration, especially in the designs of bridal bedrooms. These are the most important specifications of the bridal bedrooms in their design, colors and types, to suit different tastes, according to the interior designer, Hoda Nasser.

Tips for choosing bedroom decor for the newlyweds

  • Attention should be paid to the space of the furniture pieces proportional to the space of the bedroom, that is, away from the large-sized pieces of furniture in rooms with a small area.
  • Pay attention to choosing the appropriate lighting, as dim lights are best for enjoying sleep in light light with lights on both sides of the bed.
  • Add a side piece or two in the bedroom if the space is large.
  • Decorations are important in the decoration of the bedrooms of the newlyweds to resemble the hotel rooms.
  • Use a decorative panel or geometric drawings containing soft shapes to place it on the wall, while placing a vase in a suitable place in dark colors to give a feeling of freshness.
  • Putting fur upholstery on pieces of furniture.
  • Choosing the bedroom floor with modern and appropriate decorations with wool furnishings, so the importance of “parquet” lies with the addition of a large pillow to make it more beautiful.
    This bedroom reflects a perfect marriage of classics with a distinctive modern vibe (pixels).


The international bridal bedroom designs are characterized by different colors among the luxurious bedrooms, in red and gray, black and silver, purple and white.

For example, there’s a reason the previous bedroom’s décor is so elegant, because this simple color palette makes the serene master bedroom even more beautiful, with classic Ralph Lauren Pinstripe walls, and the perfect backdrop is the upholstered bed covering with plenty of Luxurious pillows, adding some soft lights and a candle light on the bed, all create a hotel feel.

“Gypsum board” bridal bedrooms

Gypsum decorations have become one of the modern things that add an aesthetic touch to the bedroom, especially if it is designed for the newlyweds.

There are many romantic designs with gypsum board materials and shapes, which characterize the bedroom with calm, sophistication and luxury at the same time.

Gypsum in the form of hearts or flowers

Romantic decorations such as hearts and roses can be chosen from gypsum to be placed in the middle of the ceiling, or beautiful geometric designs such as circles, decorations, etc., and choose the colors that the newlyweds love, or enter another color inside the decor, and what governs the matter is the shape of the room’s furniture to show the design in the best appearance, and in the middle of the ceiling can be Placing the chandeliers, with the choice of ceilings extending to the entire wall or part of it to add beauty to the room.

In most luxurious bedroom gypsum decoration designs, attention is focused on the bed-bed wall.

10: Larissa Masrani- We should stay away from large-sized rooms in rooms with a small area, in this case the person feels bored and narrow- (Pixels) pexels-photo-6947269Large-sized furniture should be avoided in rooms with a small area (pixels).

paint colors

The colors of the newlyweds’ bedrooms are usually chosen to suit their personality and taste among bold modern colors, or by following the traditional and classic style and dark colors.

This year’s paint fashion includes a range of colors, including: calm tones such as white, gray and beige, which give the room a calm, sophistication and serenity next to high-end colors such as green and yellow, as well as natural colors, and there is a warm red and lively peach.

The choice of bedroom colors is based on the desire of the newlyweds, but the art of decoration imposes its control in the choice of colors. The bold color pattern has spread to all brides’ bedrooms and can be strange to some people and not suitable for everyone, but they are very popular in recent days among designers. Decorators and Engineers.

Mauve and pink are among the most popular colors in the world of decorating planning, as well as blue in its various degrees, all of which are strongly present in most bedroom designs and give a romantic character.

A few choose dark colors because they are convinced that they give distinction and elegance to the bride’s bedroom, such as dark gray and navy.

5: Larissa Masrani - preparing modern wallpaper forms for the bridal stand on a lot of details, the most important of which is choosing wall decorations and paint colors for modern bedrooms - (pixels) pexels-photo-7534287Modern wallpaper shapes for bridal bedrooms (pixels)

Romantic paint colors

Among the prevailing colors in the world of decor and bedroom paints in 2022 are warm and dark colors, and each has its own advantages. Each color expresses something diverse and beautiful. The calm, romantic colors are: light blue, mauve, and red, which expresses passion and love, and dark ones include gray, dark blue and navy, Colors have the largest share in the brides’ bedroom layouts.

It is advised to stay away from the yellow and orange colors in coloring the walls of the brides’ bedrooms, as they are suitable for children’s and youth rooms, and are not suitable at all in brides’ rooms.

Wall paper

Wallpaper is one of the solutions in wall decorations as an alternative to multiple materials, such as wall decorations and paint colors, or even bedroom plasterboard.

And wallpaper should be chosen from high-quality materials, because they will last for many years. There are three-dimensional designs with geometric drawings such as buildings and others, and romantic ones such as roses, hearts, the sea and its waves with modern shapes that suit the bridal bedrooms.

One drawing can be used on wallpaper on one wall, leaving the rest of the walls in a uniform color, and most of the drawings are placed behind the bed or on its side.

3: Larissa Masrani - Crystal chandeliers now appear in shapes that suit modern bedrooms, in which crystal pieces have new colors and overlap with metals in an attractive and unconventional way to suit contemporary taste - (Pixels).  pexels-photo-6903150Crystal chandeliers, suitable for modern bedrooms, with crystal pieces of new colors (pixels).


The bridal bedroom decorations are not complete without curtains that increase the elegance and beauty of the room, and they must be in harmony with the nature of the room. There are bedroom curtains for the bridal for rooms with a royal, classic or modern look.

There are many types of curtains, including folded, layered and plain, and the sizes of the curtains must be taken into account to be proportional to the measurement of the wall space. The more consistent the sizes, the more attractive.

The golden color dominates the curtains of the royal bedrooms, while the colors of the modern bedrooms vary between blue, green, sumo, and white, or any color that suits the room and with the bride’s taste. Pleated curtains are suitable for royal bedrooms.

The romantic bedroom curtains differ from the royal or simple bedroom curtains, and each of them has designs that reflect on it and give it a special character.

room ceilings

Plain or simple plaster is one of the best decorations in the bridal bedroom to feel calm and comfortable, and at the same time it is characterized by its simplicity because it is close to the ceiling.

The simple decoration of plaster can be combined with the decoration of the room in color, in addition to the indirect lighting in the room. You can also choose the appropriate plaster decoration for the furniture in the room and increase the beauty of the room, through the contents of the room, including furniture and furnishings, to give the room a wonderful and modern art.

And the decoration of the part of the room can be designed in the ceilings with the completion of the gypsum decorations on one of the walls in the room, such as designing a specific drawing that extends from the ceiling to the wall in bright and beautiful colors.

7: Larissa Masrani - In most of the designs of gypsum decorations for luxurious bedrooms, attention is focused on the wall of the bedroom bed - (Pixels).  pexels-photo-6394581In most luxury bedroom gypsum decoration designs, attention is focused on the bed wall (pixels).

wall paints

Choosing the color of the walls of the bridal bedroom is one of the basics of decoration, whether it is modern, classic, or romantic bedrooms.

One of the most beautiful paints for 2022 is the pearl color with a beautiful luster that gives the walls an amazing pearl-like appearance.

Brown and honey are also among the basic dyes that are common at various times, and the brown and honey alliance has achieved a strong union in decoration.


Chandeliers get a lot of attention in terms of chandelier detail, shape, size, lighting and style.

Chandeliers for the bridal bedrooms require that they be consistent in size, if the size of the chandeliers is small and the room is large, the lighting of the room becomes very dim, but if the size of the room is large and the room is very small, this makes the size of the room seem smaller than its normal size, and therefore must pay attention to lighting because it is an essential element in Make the designed space look good, and make the room in its most perfect form, and the following are the most important types:

Crystal chandeliers: Often this type of chandeliers is classic in appearance and suits traditional or classic-style rooms.

Crystal chandeliers now have shapes that suit modern bedrooms, and they contain crystal pieces in new colors, and they overlap with metals in an attractive and unconventional way to suit contemporary taste. In the bedrooms, it is sufficient to have a chandelier with a bulb or 3 bulbs, as it often does not require intense lighting.

4: Larissa Masrani- The choice is a simple and elegant design for one of the bedrooms, where the bed is covered from above with a group of light cut-outs that fall in an attractive way- (pixels) pexels-photo-6587825Simple and elegant bedroom design (pixels)

modern bedrooms

The modern bridal room decorations for 2022 are distinguished by sophistication and elegance in design, as the bed is covered from the top with a set of light covers that fall in an attractive and elegant way.

It also shows the elegant harmony between brown, gray and black colors, and a distinctive room decor can be designed based on the circular bed, where parts of the gypsum ceiling hang over the bed, and the room’s curtains are decorated with brightly colored flowers to give the room a romantic feel.

The bed is designed to allow movement that helps to relax during sleep, and here lies the importance of open spaces, and the spaciousness of the rooms is essential and ideal in the modern era.

Classic Bedrooms

Bedrooms often include large spaces and large beds. It is noticeable that the classic bedrooms are similar to Turkish dependents heavily on the distinctive accessories and additions to the bed furniture and its surroundings.

This classic style of rooms includes the traditional shape of the bed with side lighting accessories, and luxurious designs based on the head bed upholstered with luxurious fabrics and colors that make the bed headboard attractive and dominant in the room’s atmosphere in general.

2: Larissa Masrani- One of the most beautiful and wonderful paints for 2022 Dyeing walls in a pearl color with a beautiful luster that will give the walls an amazing look like pearls- (Pixels) pexels-photo-6587906One of the most beautiful paints for 2022 is to paint the walls in a pearl color with a beautiful luster (Pixels)

Egyptian bedrooms

The designs and decorations of Egyptian home furniture are very different from others, and when you hear the word “Egyptian”, you will often think of images of furniture in white and gold colors of large size.

Egyptian designs satisfy the tastes of many, especially newlyweds, and the decoration system at the head of the bed, wardrobe and mirror is clear and desirable in Egyptian designs, and we may find a high percentage of grooms wishing to furnish the entire house in the Egyptian style.

The Egyptian-style bridal bedrooms are huge in sizes from the bed to the closet and other accessories, and are characterized by golden and flashy colors that are dominant, but not always, there are also designs in calm and relaxing colors in the Egyptian bedrooms.

The most beautiful bedrooms for the newlyweds in 2022

One of the best ways for newlyweds’ bedrooms to add their instant romance is through exquisite ornate ceiling fixtures, such as the gold-colored chandelier and sconce, to make the romantic glow even greater.

Colors are also commonly used in romantic rooms in white, dark pink, gray and pastel peach, and although every couple is free to replace or add their favorite colors, bright or dark shapes are still the best where they combine elegance and romance, these colors are for decoration and to create a beautiful atmosphere .

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