The most fortunate in 2022.. 5 cryptocurrencies that experts bet on

Cryptocurrencies paved the way for one of the most important revolutions of the 21st century. Although these currencies are still surrounded by much speculation and mystery, the impact they have had is undeniable, forcing the traditional financial sector to develop itself and accept change.

Writer Javier Diaz says, in the report Published by the Spanish magazine Negociosyemprendimiento, the impressive thing about this field is that since the launch of Bitcoin many other cryptocurrencies have emerged that today offer a variety of investment options and opportunities, and even football teams have decided to launch their own cryptocurrency as a mechanism to obtain financing.

In this article, the writer presents 5 of the most important cryptocurrencies that distinguished the digital asset market, which is in great demand. It is not the only currencies, but it represents a good model for understanding the value of these currencies and knowing the appropriate criteria for choosing them.

1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a pioneer in this field, and it continues to be the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. Although it has experienced some sharp declines at some stages, the overall growth in its value has been positive and significant since its launch.

In addition to its market value, Bitcoin is of great importance because it is the one that set many rules and mechanisms by which the cryptocurrency market operates today, and is accepted by many financial institutions in many countries. Today, those in charge of Bitcoin are looking to continue enjoying market confidence and push to popularize its use in everyday transactions.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum is also on the list of the most valuable cryptocurrencies, and its main feature is the technology behind it.

Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency, it is an open source platform that allows the programming of smart contracts and decentralized applications, and therefore it is expected in the future to play a major role in the development of the digital industry. What distinguishes Ethereum from others is that it has become the standard cryptocurrency in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market, which reflects the confidence that surrounds it.

3 Polkadot

Polkadot coin is also expected to become an essential technology in the future of the Internet and humanity in general. Thanks to its platform, it is possible to create multiple smart contracts and applications, which are both secure and decentralized. In addition, Polkadot seeks to contribute to the development of the decentralization of the Internet based on blockchain technology, and there are expectations that the value of this currency will increase with the development of the platform that supports it.

4. Ripple

Ripple is designed to avoid mistakes made by other cryptocurrencies, so its makers have also decided to launch a banking system and a digital payment network for making money transfers. Thanks to these advantages, Ripple has established itself among the preferred currencies for investors, and it is expected that its use in trade and business will continue to expand.

5. Litecoin

Litecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market, and it was made to be an alternative to Bitcoin, but it specializes in low-value remittances, so its use has spread in the commercial field, and it relies on a technology very similar to Bitcoin.

How can you buy cryptocurrency?

The writer says that many, after learning about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Ripple and Litecoin, are wondering how to get them. In fact, these currencies are traded in financial markets, and they can be bought through intermediaries, i.e. platforms that act as intermediaries in buying and selling financial assets.

The writer advises analyzing the various options available before buying, and making a comparison in order to choose the currency that is most suitable for your circumstances and goals.

When choosing the broker that you will buy from, you must make sure that it operates legally, in order to avoid falling into the trap of fraudsters, and you must pay attention to some items related to the minimum investment allowed, and the commissions that are deducted for each transfer.

In conclusion, the writer says that there is a very wide variety of cryptocurrencies that are traded in the market, and each of them takes a different approach. If you want to invest in this area, it is important to learn and understand well the objectives and technology behind each cryptocurrency, in order to determine if this investment is an opportunity for you or if the value of the currency is only caused by risky speculation.

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