The Washington Post: The Havana Syndrome is still a mystery and it is too early to stop investigations

The Washington Post said that the CIA’s interim conclusion that a single global power likely did not carry out attacks on American agents and diplomatic officials abroad related to the so-called “Havana Syndrome.” You will hardly have the last word.

The newspaper reported – in her editorialThat the US intelligence community must continue its search to find out who is behind these attacks, and that the administration of President Joe Biden must show necessary sympathy to the large group of government employees who are suffering from the repercussions of this ordeal.

The so-called “Havana syndrome” began in 2016, when US officials stationed in Cuba reported symptoms including headache, dizziness, blurred vision and memory loss after hearing strange sounds and feeling strange sensations. A 2020 National Academy of Sciences report indicated that the cause of these injuries could be the use of “directed and pulsed” radio frequency energy. With the increase in the number of cases, the diagnoses increased, and the culprit has not yet been identified.

The newspaper pointed out that much of the speculation about the attacks in the past few years has focused on Russia, which has denied responsibility, but a senior US intelligence official recently stated that “assessments concluded that it is unlikely that a foreign entity – including Russia – had launched a campaign A continuous globalization that harms American employees with a specific weapon or mechanism.”

But this official statement does not rule out – according to the newspaper – the possibility that other parties with less weight – perhaps contractors – are responsible for the attacks, and it does not rule out the hypothesis that the perpetrators are multiple parties.

According to the newspaper, this may explain the diversity of sites reported by the victims who were targeted, although the possibility that a large group of attackers coordinated among themselves may increase the chances of arresting the perpetrators, which did not happen, so the intelligence community must continue investigations on I hope that a panel of experts that examined the classified material will issue a report on the case soon.

Over the past period, former President Donald Trump and his administration blundered in response to the problem, while President Joe Biden and Congress last year did a much better job of signing a bill to meet the needs of those affected.

Havana and Vienna

And there were initially a few dozen cases, a group of whom reported very similar symptoms, but the number rose last year to more than a thousand cases with a variation in symptoms, and the two largest groups of infected people were concentrated in Havana and Vienna, although other cases occurred around the world. .

This constitutes – according to the newspaper – a difficult, but not insurmountable, challenge for the CIA and the Biden administration, as they must deal with appropriate care and attention with all American employees, without exception, who were injured while performing the duty to serve their country abroad, and to show it to all who think of serving The United States that their country will stand by them, no matter the circumstances.

The newspaper concludes: On the other hand, there is a smaller group of victims suffering from injuries that may help identify their causes and perpetrators, and focus must be placed on this category to obtain sufficient forensic evidence, a worrying challenge that has not been addressed until now.

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