Watch- He looks like Muhammad Ali and is better than Tyson.. “The Big Kid” is the heir to the heavyweight boxing throne

American boxer Jared Anderson – nicknamed “Big Baby” (the Big Baby) – is the next heir to the heavyweight boxing throne, because of his physical and technical capabilities that made prominent experts compare him to the legends Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

Anderson, 22, holds the World Boxing Council (WBC) title after defeating Oleksandr Teslenko in the second round by knockout.

And his promoter Bob Arum – who has worked for seven decades in boxing and dealt with its most prominent champions – confirmed that Anderson will soon inherit the throne of the “Gypsy King” Tyson Fury, the current world heavyweight champion.

Fury punches Wilder (French)

Arum believes that Anderson is better than the legend Mike Tyson, who in 1986 became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time, at the age of twenty.

Arum, 90, told Sky Sports: “Tyson was a great boxer but he didn’t show much of his boxing ability. Jared showed ability and strength in boxing. He reminds me of the youth of (legend) Muhammad Ali more than the youth of Mike Tyson.”

And Anderson gave himself the nickname “Big Baby”, which he clings to saying, “I’ve always felt like the big kid. I just think (the nickname is) me, that’s my name, I’ll always be the best man.”

Arum believes that Anderson is able to defeat the current world champion Fury, 33, who recently defeated Wilder in a bout last October.

“When Fury retires, Jared will be in the lead to become the next heavyweight champion. We’re preparing him for that,” Arum said.

The elderly promoter is seeking a match between Wilder, who has not played since his second loss in Las Vegas against Fury, with Anderson at the end of this year.

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