What did the Houthis achieve by targeting the UAE?

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A member of the Ansar Allah group (Houthis), Muhammad Al-Bakhiti, said that stopping the war in Yemen has become a “common interest,” and that the Houthis’ choice is to confront the escalation with escalation.

In response to a question for an episode of “Beyond the News” program on the goals achieved by the Houthi group behind the attacks it launched on the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Al-Bakhiti explained that the battle has become in the interest of Yemen and not in the interest of the Arab coalition countries, and that The two countries receiving losses makes them turn towards peace, as he put it.

The military spokesman for the Houthis, Yahya Saree, said that they targeted sensitive sites in the UAE, including Al Dhafra Air Base (south of the capital Abu Dhabi), other sites in the Dubai region, and sites in Saudi Arabia as well.

For its part, the UAE Ministry of Defense said that its air defenses intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles launched by the Houthi group towards the Emirates, while the Saudi defenses destroyed a ballistic missile fired towards Dhahran Al Janoob in the Asir region (south of the Kingdom).

The ministry also confirmed that the attack did not result in any casualties, and that it is ready and ready to deal with any threat, and indicated that it is taking the necessary measures to protect the state from all attacks. The ministry also called on the public to obtain all news from the official authorities in the country, as it put it.

A member of the Political Bureau of the “Ansar Allah” group (Houthis) accused the UAE of bombing civilians and hitting the infrastructure of Yemen for years, without Yemen firing a single shot at the UAE.

According to Al-Bakhiti, the Houthis have developed their defensive and missile capabilities, and their targeting of the UAE is due to the escalation it is taking against Yemen in recent months, especially in Shabwa governorate, an escalation that the Houthi representative says came under American pressure.

Iranian decision

In the opinion of the writer and political analyst Asaad Bishara, the reasons for the Houthis targeting the UAE are related to the losses incurred by the Houthis on the ground in Shabwa and elsewhere.

Bishara added that the Houthis are moving with a decision from Iran, which wants to send messages that its spheres of influence are outside the scope of negotiations with the Americans, pointing out that the Houthis are tools in the hands of the Iranians, like the Lebanese Hezbollah, and that they do not serve the interest of Yemen, but rather implement the Iranian agenda.

Regarding Washington’s failure to accuse Tehran of being responsible for the Houthi attacks against the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the political analyst said that Washington avoids disturbing Tehran so as not to disturb the Vienna negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, stressing that US President Joe Biden’s priority in Yemen is to stop the war, and remove the Houthis from the list of terrorism. And keeping a distance from the Arab alliance.

As for Osama Al-Rouhani, Deputy Executive Director of the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, he described the recent attacks as hysterical that does not achieve any strategic goal, and added that it is for political pressure, pointing out that the Houthis are trying to pressure the UAE, which has achieved victories through its allies in Yemen, and said that the power of the Houthis should not be ignored. .

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