Dazn increases the prices drastically

If you want to watch the Bundesliga, Champions League and other sporting events in the future, you have to pay significantly more – the Dazn platform doubles the prices for new customers.

Many had expected that the streaming platform Dazn would eventually raise prices. Because the company had recently invested heavily in sports rights and, among other things, bought the expensive rights to the Champions League in football. But what Dazn announced this Tuesday is a surprise: the subscription prices for new customers will be increased drastically – and at short notice as of February 1st.

The monthly subscription of the streaming provider should now cost 30 euros from February, so far it is 15. The cheapest contract for one year costs 275 euros, so far it is 150. According to Dazn information from Tuesday, this price increase applies to new customers and those , “who reactivate their terminated membership”. Existing subscribers will initially pay the current price until July 31st. How much they have to pay afterwards has not yet been clarified, it said. Those who quickly take out a subscription by the end of January will still be able to enjoy the previous prices, it said.

Apparently the number of customers is disappointing

The background to the drastic price increase is apparently also a disappointing development in customer numbers. There is no concrete information. But it is clear that after the relegation of crowded clubs like Schalke 04, HSV or Werder Bremen to the second division, the attractiveness of the first division suffered badly. “Fürth against Bielefeld doesn’t pull,” says one participant. Fans do not subscribe to such games. In addition, the championship with the dominance of FC Bayern Munich and the disappointing performance of the competition is only moderately exciting.

Since the beginning of the current 2021/22 season, Dazn has been able to show Bundesliga games live on Friday evening and Sunday. The games on Saturday and the conference continue to run at competitor Sky. In addition, almost all Champions League games are on offer, but individual games on Tuesday can be seen on Amazon Prime. In addition, there are games from other European leagues and other sports at Dazn. Dazn has been active in Germany since August 2016. The pay provider last year increased the costs for the monthly subscription relatively moderately – from twelve euros to 15 euros.

In Dazn circles it is said that the new price is “justified in absolute terms” in view of the competition. In fact, viewers recently paid relatively more for subscriptions to Sky or Magenta-Sport (Deutsche Telekom) than to Dazn.

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