Did Cameroon tamper with the Corona tests in the African Nations?

The Cameroon national team sparked widespread controversy during the African Nations Championship, which it is currently hosting, and this came after the results of the Corona tests, which deprived the Comoros team of a large number of its players, and opened the way for Cameroon to face a team without a goalkeeper in the final price.

The Comoros national team was forced to use a defender in goalkeeping after the Confederation of African Football refused to grant an exceptional license to goalkeeper Ali Ahmed in order to participate with his team, despite his recovery from Corona.

And CAF requires the isolation of any player proven to be infected during the tournament for a period of 5 days, which deprived the Comoros team yesterday of 12 members of its mission.

Positive tests in the ranks of the Comoros raised doubts about the suspicion of fraud in order to give preference to the Cameroon national team.

However, the president of the Cameroon Football Association, Samuel Eto’o, responded through statements to the channel “CANAL+”, and said, “I would like to provide clarification about the tests, to remind journalists who give impossible explanations, that the agency chosen to conduct the tests is not under the control of Cameroon. It is under the control of the African Union. Football 100%.

He demanded respect for his country, and said that the rules for dealing with Corona were known to everyone before the start of the tournament.

Eto’o continued his defense of his country, saying, “Tunisia had 7 cases of Corona against Nigeria, and did not play against Cameroon. The Moroccan team was denied a number of its players during the first round and did not play against us. I think that some of us have a short memory sometimes, it is not fair to hint To certain things or accusing the Cameroonian government or accusing myself. I tried to be a hero in my career, and I deserved all my victories. I didn’t accept cheating, and I never will.”

Cameroon is preparing to face Gambia in the quarter-finals, and the “Untamed Lions” team seeks to consolidate its balance with the sixth title in its history.

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