“Emily in Paris 2” .. The contrast between American and French culture that attracted viewers

The plot of the series “Emily in Paris” is based on the great contrast between the American and French way of living and thinking.

A few days ago, Netflix announced the renewal of the American series “Emily in Paris” for the third and fourth seasons, after the great success achieved by the work in its first and second seasons. And the most successful of it to one season and then renew it after its presentation, and so on.

But the uproar around “Emily in Paris” is not always positive. The series that launched its heroine, Lily Collins, and achieved millions of views, is hated in the country that bears his name “Paris”, and with its presentation of the second season, many criticisms mounted for working as a repetition of the first season without anything new. Just take advantage of success.

Stupid American Emily in the City of Light

The plot of the series “Emily in Paris” is based on the great contrast between the American and French way of living and thinking, through Emily, the daughter of Chicago, who by chance moves to Paris to work in her French company’s branch, and because of cultural differences and her inability to speak French, many paradoxes occur that are supposed to It is comical.

In Paris, Emily launches an account on Instagram, in which she reviews the details of her new life in the City of Light, and soon many people follow her. Marketing world.

The series presents the dominant mental images of American and French culture. From the point of view of the Parisians, Emily is a dumb, rude, and rude American who tries to impose the methods of profit and constant toil on their different classic French ways.

While the series explores Paris from a very narrow point of view, it is the city of croissants, the Eiffel Tower, complex romances, elegance and fashion houses.

In the end, in an effort to find Emily a place for herself in the new city, ironically, the show offers nothing but a “cliché” or a stereotype of either American or French society.

the second season

In the second season of Emily in Paris, this cultural conflict between Emily and the people of the city decreases, but it is the true basis of the series, and thus the character of the American director “Madeleine” appears, who comes to Paris to continue work, and begins her clash with Sylvie, the French director, and the company’s work methods, It’s as if the first season is repeated, but this time with an older woman who lacks much of the charm that Emily enjoyed in season one, making the conflict look more raw and the American character even more uglier.

The series also maintained the same relationships from the first season, and the impossible love triangle between Emily, Gabriel and Cammy, to open an area for discussion about the nature of the different romantic relationships between French and American societies, but this made this season a repeated echo from the first season.

Emily and other traditional heroines

The series is basically similar to American romantic comedy films and series that we have watched thousands of times, and which carry messages about American determination, and the power to follow passion and honesty with oneself and the search for love and romance, to create an inspiring but light-hearted character that is accepted by the audience and carries a mixture of admiration and sympathy for it, which proves in the end Of course, the American character can win every challenge.

It is influenced by several American works such as “The Devil Wears Prada”, where “Emily in Paris” is similar to “The Devil Wears Prada” in building the basic plot and some characters, in which the young woman Andrea joins a job in a fashion magazine, and is exposed Due to the pressure of her alienation from the rest of the employees and their lifestyle and thinking, she begins to imitate them, and at the same time fascinates them with her determination, intelligence and honesty. Isn’t that a bit like the story of Emily and her work trip in Paris?

Meryl Streep in the movie The Devil Wears Prada (networking sites)

It doesn’t stop here, the director’s strong personality who contradicts and then admires the heroine is identical in both the movie and the series.

The series “Sex and the City” is similar to Emily in Paris in the main character, Carrie Bradshaw, the heroine of the American series, who started her life as a naive immigrant to New York from a small city, before being swallowed by the American fashion city to identify with her, attracted to everything new in fashion, and she lives a confused emotional life, similar In this with Emily, who sets off in Paris, leaving behind her traditional city, attracted to the sense of French fashion that she is trying to imitate, and an exciting life unlike what she lived before, at first dissolving her attachment to her lover, and then eventually reaching a decision that Paris has become her new home.

Her identification with Parisian life appears when she is visited by her American manager, who seems to be blunt in contrast with the high life she learned in the City of Light, and the season ends with Emily facing the choice between French or American culture and with her viewers, waiting for what the upcoming seasons may bring us.

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