He criticized the one-state solution.. Eisenkot’s statements, the former commander of the occupation army, raise continuous controversy

The interview conducted by the former Chief of Staff of the occupation army, Gadi Eisenkot, a few days ago, still raises a lot of controversy and ink, as the Israelis are still discussing its implications and effects on the military establishment and the entire political arena.

Speaking to Maariv newspaper last Thursday, Eisenkot warned that “Israel may reach a one-state solution, which represents a catastrophic development, due to the growing challenges surrounding it, and the state of political stalemate it is experiencing, with the absence of any prospect for a solution.”

These statements have caused a wave of harsh criticism against him, because he got involved early in political work, and it seemed as if he was siding with the leftist current in the Israeli party arena.

On the other hand, others defended and supported him, considering him as the Savior.

Many Israelis welcomed Eisenkot’s remarks (Reuters)

Attention and reference

The main editor of the Israeli News Network 13, Ron Notkin, considered, in an article, that “Eisenkot’s interview constitutes a source of congratulations to the center-left bloc in the Israeli arena, because it announced the coronation of another Messiah to save the country from the deterioration it is witnessing, but what Eisenkot said is the problem in itself.” .

He added that “Eisenkot wanted, from his controversial statements in the aforementioned interview, to see his official coronation as the next general to save Israel.”

Following the release of the interview and the emergence of data related to the increase in the enrollment of young Israelis when they entered the military service in the technology units and 8200 intelligence units, and their distance from the combat units, the Israelis questioned the responsibility of the retired general in this dangerous matter.

They also questioned his role in limiting this gradual Israeli withdrawal from the military operational units, and their frequent desire to work in the comfortable and not dangerous sections.

Regardless of the shortcomings that the Israelis declare against Eisenkot after being intimidated by the range of dangers facing Israel in the near future, his statements can be considered as the birth certificate of his entry into politics. Which means an extension of the former army commanders who got involved in the partisan process early.

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