Indonesian student becomes millionaire by chance because of selfies

An Indonesian student has made a fortune by turning a bunch of selfies into irreplaceable tokens.

In a report published in The Independent,independentBritish writer Anthony Cuthbertson says that young Sultan Gustav Al-Ghazali, a computer science student, collected about a thousand selfies he took in front of his computer over a period of 4 years, and converted them into “non-replaceable tokens” (NFTs), which are digital elements Unique is bought, sold and stored on the Blockchain.

The 22-year-old originally priced a single image at 0.00001 Ether (equivalent to $3), but quickly rose in value after it attracted the attention of high-risk crypto traders, and a single image is currently selling for more than $10,000.

Al-Ghazali tweeted, “I can’t believe people have already bought my photo with NFTs. I sold 35 photos in one day.”

Hundreds of other images were sold in the following days via non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the OpenSea platform.

Al-Ghazali’s fortune is estimated at $1.2 million, and the local authorities contacted him to pay income tax (Shutterstock)

Al-Ghazali every day

“I thought it was funny that a collector would collect my selfies,” Al-Ghazali told AFP, adding, “I never thought anyone would want to buy selfies, that’s why I offered them for only $3.”

A single photograph of the Indonesian youth currently sells for 4 ether (about $12,500), and the entire collection, which he called “Al-Ghazali every day”, is valued at 374 ether (equivalent to $1.2 million).

Local tax authorities reached out to him via Twitter to instruct him to pay income tax, but he confirmed that his parents did not yet know the story of his new fortune. “Honestly, I still don’t have the courage to tell my parents, they will ask, ‘Where did you get the money from,'” the Indonesian youth said.

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