Kuwaiti Noura Al-Mutairi: Boxing is not restricted to men

Kuwaiti boxing has achieved many medals, the most recent of which was winning the gold of the boxing championship that was held recently in Saudi Arabia

Kuwait- It is not easy in the Arab world in general and the conservative Gulf in particular, to find a girl who fights in the field of boxing, as it is a combat sport in the first place.

Since the prevailing stereotype often associates martial arts with men, this means that it is difficult for girls to enter the world of boxing. However, this matter did not break the resolve and determination of Kuwaiti boxer Noura Qashian Al-Mutairi, who has become today one of the most prominent boxers in the Arab world.

In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera Net, Al-Mutairi tells how her ambitious career began, and how this march turned from a mere sporting hobby to a journey of professional achievements and championships.

The beginning of the journey

Noura says that she started exercising in general as a healthy and beneficial daily lifestyle for each person, but little by little she began to feel a kind of boredom, so she started looking for a sport in which a kind of competition would take her out of the traditional exercise routine such as walking and jogging.

From here, Noura started her career with various martial arts games, including, for example, “Kigboxing” and “Mutai” and others, but after about 4 years, and while she was in France, she participated in two local amateur championships, and I felt the huge difference between just practicing Any sport – specifically in the field of martial arts as a passing training – and its practice in the context of a real competition in a way that increases the pace of the challenge and the level of each player or player.

After Noura’s participation in those local tournaments, she was contacted by the Kuwait National Boxing Team as soon as they decided to establish the women’s team, to join her country’s team and begin her professional career in the vast world of boxing.

Kuwaiti boxing champion Noura Al-Mutairi refuses to attribute boxing to men only (Al-Jazeera)

Most Influential Players

Among the most important and prominent boxers and boxers who influenced Noura’s career and her passion for this game: Laila Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali Clay, Ramla Ali, along with German boxer of Palestinian origin Zina, and many other world champions and champions.

Al-Mutairi stressed – in her speech to Al-Jazeera Net – that there was no specific reason for her entering the sports field from the boxing gate in particular, explaining that she always asked herself the same question: “Why is it not boxing?”, considering that it is society that defines a stereotype that boxing It is a men’s sport, although girls and women have been playing this sport for a long time, and have won world championships in it.

“It is our Arab society that sets the prevailing stereotype that it is a men’s game, even though it is a game that women and girls can play like other games and sports,” she said.

Noura explained that she did not realize the extent of her love and passion for boxing until she fought the first real fight within this game, and in the framework of the Asian Championship that was held in Dubai, where she realized that she had found something she had always been looking for related to the challenge, competition, access to the ring, fighting, coronation and enthusiasm.

On the other hand, Noura Al-Mutairi indicated that practicing sports and boxing did not negatively affect her studies, noting that she holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration, and that she also has her own project and work that gives her the comfort in coordinating her time between exercise and work in an organized manner.

unforgettable tournament

Noura Al-Mutairi revealed that she will not forget the last women’s boxing championship that was held last December in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as she managed for the first time in her professional career to win a gold medal, an achievement that made her feel a lot of joy and happiness because she achieved a deserved victory.

She pointed out that this tournament had a special flavor besides being crowned with gold, and it is related to the number of Gulf girls participating in the tournament, which reflects the great demand from Gulf girls for this game participation and encouragement, considering that some Arab and Gulf champions herald a promising future at the level of world championships in If they have the necessary official support.

Al-Mutairi criticized the way of thinking of some in Arab and Gulf societies, especially those who place specific and specific classifications of the image that an Arab girl should be on, and what this girl should do and what she should not do, pointing out that she does not care about the opinions of these people and their view of her as she practices boxing. .

As for her future ambitions, she says that it focuses on developing all areas of sports in general and women’s boxing in particular in the Arab world, expressing her hope to see every Arab and Gulf girl who has a dream or ambition to play a sport, and to express herself and face all difficulties and challenges and practice Her passion and her dreams come true.

***Only for internal use*** Al-Qashiaan while handing over the medal from the Kuwait Boxing Federation Source: Al-JazeeraAl-Mutairi receiving a medal from the Kuwait Boxing Federation (Al-Jazeera)

many medals

Among the titles and medals that Noura Al-Mutairi previously won: the bronze medal in the Asian Championship for women and men, which was held last May in Dubai, in addition to the gold medal in the first Saudi women’s championship at the end of last year, in addition to the gold medal in the pilot tournament The first for women in Kuwait.

She stated that the professional sports career requires strenuous efforts, patience and a long time, which includes intensive preparation for the female players, expressing her optimism for the increase in the number of Kuwaiti female boxing professionals in the near future.

As for the most prominent challenges and difficulties that Noura faces, they are the lack of professional female players and Kuwaiti boxers at the present time, in addition to the lack of capabilities and equipment associated with raising training levels, stressing that, if she gets married and establishes a family, she does not intend to stop practicing boxing, because it is no longer just a sport. For her, it is an essential part of her life.

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