No minarets, no brothers, no headscarves.. Zemmour presents his program for the French presidential elections

The far-right candidate for the French presidential elections, Eric Zemmour, published his program on the Islamic religion, which he will seek to implement if he reaches the Elysee Palace.

The Zammour program, which he published on his Twitter account, included a ban on the wearing of all clothing bearing Islamic symbols – including the veil – in public squares, in addition to a ban on building minarets and mosques.

The ban was not limited to that, but extended to various Islamic movements, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which he vowed to ban.

In a previous television interview on France 2, Zammour said that he would prohibit Muslims in France from giving the name “Muhammad” to their children in the event he reaches the position of President of the Republic, adding that he will set rules for the names given to Muslim children, as he put it.

Tweeters said that Zemmour had reached a dangerous stage of absurdity with which he could wage an ethnic war against Muslims in France, by expelling and displacing them.

Other activists also saw that the only solution for the Muslim and Arab community is to leave the country if Eric Zemmour wins the presidency.

Eric Zemmour, the 53-year-old leader of the National Rally Party, is competing for the leadership of the far-right in France, and some opinion polls show that he has overtaken it to become the first challenger to French President Emmanuel Macron in the presidential vote.

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