Recorded in an official record .. Biden insults the “Fox News” reporter

US President Joe Biden was caught on Monday insulting a Fox News reporter, calling him ugly, on the sidelines of a photo session at the White House.

As the reporters left, Peter Dossey, a reporter for “Fox News”, a conservative favorite, asked President Biden if inflation was a political burden ahead of the midterm elections.

“It’s a great advantage, more inflation,” the Democratic president, probably unaware that his microphone was still on, replied sarcastically, before being heard muttering, “What a stupid (…) son.”

A reporter at the scene said he couldn’t hear Biden’s words because of the noise, but added: “Listen to a video of the event if you’re curious to know what the president really feels when Fox News’ Peter Dossey asks him about inflation.”

In an interview on “Fox News”, Dossey ignored Biden’s insult to him and responded indifferently, saying, “Nobody has checked what he said so far and found it not true.”

Previously, the White House rushed to explain or reverse any Biden gaffe, but this time the White House seemed to have no problem emphasizing what Biden had said about Dorsey.

The minutes of the hearing included the president’s comment in full, which means that the phrase will find its way into the official historical record.

The American “New York Times” reporter Katie Rogers posted on her Twitter account a picture taken from the minutes of the session showing the insults launched by Biden.

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