The United Nations calls for the protection of displaced Syrians from harsh winter conditions

Yesterday, the United Nations warned that the displaced in northwest Syria are facing catastrophic winter conditions, calling on the international community to take further steps to protect them.

“No one should live in these conditions…this is unacceptable,” Mark Cutts, deputy regional coordinator for Syria at the United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs, declared during a video call with journalists in New York.

“We are very concerned” about the 2.8 million displaced people in this area, most of whom live in tents that cannot withstand the snow, he said.

Heavy rains fall in other regions with very low temperatures, and these people deserve to have “better shelters”.

The UN official stressed that “this is a truly disaster-stricken area,” calling on “the international community to make more efforts.”

He said that last year the United Nations requested more than 4 billion dollars to provide humanitarian aid in Syria, but collected only 45 percent of this amount.

Pictures from a camp gathering site in the Qalamoun barrens, showing their condition during the storm and the accumulation of snow (Al-Jazeera)

shortage and hardship

He added that due to the lack of proper equipment, the snow is being lifted manually, and he considered it necessary to replace the tents with solid shelters.

Idlib province in northwestern Syria, home to 2.8 million people, is the last stronghold of the opposition outside of Damascus’s control.

Humanitarian aid that reaches the displaced mainly passes through the border between Turkey and Syria, under a special mandate from the United Nations that allows to avoid obtaining permission from Damascus, and it expires next July.

The snow threatened to collapse many of the tentsSnow threatened to collapse many tents (Al-Jazeera)


A few days ago, an air depression hit the region, which caused snow in a number of areas and a significant drop in temperatures, which increased the suffering of hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians inside their country and in neighboring countries.

After 10 years of continuing the Syrian crisis, the life of Syrian refugees and displaced persons has become very difficult.

Millions have been forced to flee their homes since 2011 in search of safety by seeking refuge in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and other countries, or by displacement to areas inside Syria.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, there are about 13.4 million Syrians in need of assistance, of whom 6.7 million are internally displaced, and 6.6 million are refugees in the world, and the countries neighboring Syria host 5.5 million of them.

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