Vinicius Jr.: Leave him in the water..and let her lift him

Whenever you hear or see the name “Vinicius Junior” in the current season, you will most likely find yourself surrounded by the following phrases and the like: “Watch the most prominent skills of Vinicius in the new season,” “The secret of the explosion of the young Brazilian under the leadership of Ancelotti,” “Vinicius’ glow puts him in the forefront.” The world’s players by market value in 2022, “By the way, the last sentence is true. But for us, “Vinicius” always reminds us of one of the most prominent comedic scenes of “Adel Imam”.

In the play “Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal”, “Adel Imam” was playing the waiter at a party that included senior officials and businessmen, and suddenly, a person appeared before him who did not show any sign of wealth like his peers. And whenever “Imam” passed in front of him, he mocked him with his famous phrase: “You, what brought you here?” After an interlude of satirical comedy, he discovers that this man is one of the wealthiest people ever to exist.

In Real Madrid, where the galacticos, stainless gold and other ringing phrases, no one can look at the 17-year-old Vinicius Junior – at the time of his contract – except with the look of “Adel Imam”, and with every excessive evasiveness or unreasonable behavior True, on the ball, the phrase “What brought you here?” metropolis. From the heart of this sarcastic scene, Vinicius decided – suddenly – to turn the table, reminding us that results are not always subject to introductions.

First Trouble

In May 2017, Real Madrid surprised its fans by reaching an agreement with the Brazilian “Flamingo” to include a teenager – not yet seventeen years old – called “Vinicius”, provided that the player’s full ownership would be transferred to Real Madrid in July 2018, and he joined Effective in the following year, unless the two clubs agree to change the date. How many matches did the player play with the first team of his club? Only one match, and it was ten days before the agreement, specifically in the league against Atlético Mineiro. Surely we will not find better than this to start our absurd spectacle. (1)

Everyone was astonished, but the one who could express his astonishment the most was “Barney Ronay” in the newspaper “The Guardian”, when he titled his article with the sentence: “The teenager estimated to be worth 38 million pounds and he has done nothing yet.” Barney told about his attempt to watch every match played by Vinicius out of his love for the Brazilians, as well as to explore this strange deal. (2)

Vinicius made his glory with the Brazil U-17 team, playing 22 games and scoring 19 goals, and was the best player in the South American U-17 Championship, in which the Brazilian team crowned the title and was the tournament’s top scorer with seven goals. And about this achievement, “Barney Ronai” said: “Everyone knows, knows Real Madrid, and we hope that Vinicius Junior knows, that this means nothing.”

The second predicament

At first glance, it seems like questioning the Brazilian’s talent or issuing a hasty judgment about his abilities, but in fact, it was just a logical description of the player, his only achievement was against his peers under 17, and he found himself embroiled in this huge deal. But because one predicament is not enough, Vinicius finds himself stuck in another.

“Vinicius” joined the ranks of the Royal Club in the summer of 2018, and in January of the following year, Real Madrid completed another surprising deal with the inclusion of “Ibrahim Diaz” (19 years old at the time) from Manchester City. The player’s image topped the cover of the Spanish newspaper “AS”, accompanied by a group of young players who represent the team’s new project, and the phrase “new project” was precisely the problem. (3)

Real Madrid fans had gotten used to Florentino Perez’s big deals, and suddenly, the Galacticos-obsessed man was looking for young talents, arguing that the club wanted to avoid FFP problems. Overnight, fans woke up to find their squad list includes Brahim Diaz, Martin Odegaard, Marco Asensio, Theo Hernandez, Lunin, Vallejo, Ceballos, Rodrigo and Vinicius, as well as Japan’s Kubo, Achraf Hakimi, Reguilon and Marcos Llorente. (4)

Now, let’s go back to our friend who found himself in the middle of this project, and was even the face of Perez’s new transfer policy. What made matters worse was the departure of “Cristiano Ronaldo”, then his main substitute, “Eden Hazard”, failed, to become “Vinicius”, demanding to fill the vacuum of the Portuguese, and to fill the void that his compensator failed to fill! Remembering that Vinicius Junior – as of this writing – is not yet twenty-two years old.


With the previous data, there are a few frills left to complete the scene, the first of which is to remember that we are talking about the most successful clubs in Europe, whose fans obsessed with championships did not mind whistling at players classified as legends in the club’s history. The second is to go through the numbers of “Vinicius” in the first 3 seasons, and imagine the reaction of the press.

In the 2018-2019 season, the Brazilian international was satisfied with scoring 3 goals and making 11, between the League, the King’s Cup and the European Champions League. In the 2019-2020 season, he scored 5 goals and provided 4 assists, then in the 2020-2021 season, he scored 6 goals and made 7 others. (5)

Such meager numbers made “Vinicius” an easy catch for criticism and ridicule, especially with regard to his record in the League of only 3 goals, not to mention his offer to other clubs to get rid of him, sometimes Juventus for Dybala, and sometimes Manchester United during the negotiation of the “Rafael Varane” deal Then came the incident of Benzema asking Mendy not to pass to “Vinicius” to put the Brazilian in front of only one fate; failure. (6)(7)(8)

Leave it in the water

At such an age, the club must provide a clear plan for the player’s development, technically, tactically and mentally. But given the above – he remembered contracting with Hazard in the same position – and “Vinicius” passing four coaches (Lopetegui, Solari, Zidane and Ancelotti), the plan was simply to leave the Brazilian in the water, and wait for him to lift him.

Suddenly, Vinnie was able to accept his weak numbers compared to his huge price, and absorb the pressure of the fans and the media and the distrust of colleagues, and he saw that the Real Madrid player should be ready for criticism, and he insisted in more than one press interview that he will continue to work until his time comes. (9)

If we assume that you believe in the talent of “Vinicius”, you may see that the psychological aspect is the most contributing to his current explosion. In this regard, a source close to Ancelotti told The Athletic: “Carlo transfers confidence to Vinicius, so that the child believes in himself and his potential. Carlo knows he has a lot of quality and can bring a lot to Madrid, but he felt he lacked confidence.” “. (10)

It was an admission that Vinicius may have needed a boost after the first three seasons in Madrid, because it wasn’t always easy with former coach Zinedine Zidane, who was always supportive in public, but never showed enough confidence to make him a key player. on him. In the 2020-2021 season, Vinicius appeared in 35 matches in the Spanish League, scored in the Clasico, but completed 90 minutes on only eight occasions. In the Champions League, he made headlines with two goals in the 3-1 quarter-final first leg win over Liverpool, but in all 12 European matches, he has not completed the 90 minutes on any occasion.

the secret of the explosion

Well, we finally found the secret, a talented teenage player who needed some confidence to explode, and that’s it, right? The answer is no, and here’s what will make the matter more ambiguous. In a report by “The Athletic”, a source close to the Real Madrid dressing room described the “Vinicius” explosion as a mysterious matter that he could not explain, and frankly confirmed that “Ancelotti” himself was surprised by the matter!

Therefore, we will have to go beyond the psychological aspect – despite its undeniable importance – and try to search for something concrete that we can grasp clearly. We will start with the following two drawings, in the first you will find that the 2021-2022 season is the first season for “Vinicius” to score more than expected, and in the second drawing you will find a clear decrease in the number of shots after the first season, then an improvement in the number of “xG”, or expected goals. , per 90 minutes in the 2021-2022 season. Here, the player’s improvement in finishing attacks can be observed, as well as in terms of positioning and moving without the ball to obtain more quality scoring opportunities.

Comparing the goals of Vinicius Junior in the League with the expected goals (11)

In July 2019, Vinicius revealed in a press interview that he trained individually with Zidane to improve his ability to end attacks, and then continued with Ancelotti, who advised the Brazilian to touch the ball fewer times before shooting and ending the attack.

This is with regard to the quality of the finish, and as for the positioning and movement without the ball, it seems that Vinicius’ tactical awareness has gradually begun to develop, and has become more acute in attacking the spaces. In the same context, the Egyptian coach at the Paris Saint-Germain Academy, “Hassan Beltagi”, published a video of “Fini” in the Super Cup match against Barcelona, ​​​​while he was executing one of the strikers’ moves called “run across the front”, which is one of the moves that the attackers learn. And the wings to surprise the defenders, and most likely that the player did not learn it alone.

Despite the clear technical and psychological work of Ancelotti, it is clear that he was surprised by the rapid response of the player, because the absurd scene experienced by the teenager who did not complete 22 years could not result in such a rapid development. All that happened is that Vinicius floated on the water, with the help of a private fitness coach and a private chef, as if he had passed his teenage period long ago, and as one of the fans said, commenting on a report on Vinicius: “It is rare to find a player developing in Real Madrid, it is a funny story to see.” And here we are waiting for the rest of its chapters in the future. (15)



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