A user certificate transferred to the iPhone .. This is how Google forces you to change your phone

The smart phone industry is the main source of profits for manufacturers, so every year these companies provide new types and models, and they stop updates for old devices, and this is what a large number of users do not like.

In an article on Location “Vice” titled “Google is forcing me to get rid of a phone that works great,” author Aaron Gordon says, “I bought a “Pixel 3” phone 3 years ago, which at the time was the latest and most wonderful phone from “Google” Now, the company has stopped providing software updates, making its use a security risk.”

“I think of phones the same way I think of refrigerators or stoves. It’s a device, something I need, but I don’t feel connected to, and as long as it continues to satisfy that need, I don’t want to spend money to replace it for no real reason.” .

“The Pixel 3 meets my needs, so I don’t want to spend $600 on a Pixel 6, which seems to be just another phone that does all the work of the phone.”

But Gordon believes that Google is forcing him to get rid of his phone because it stopped supporting all Pixel 3 phones. Although it’s relatively recent, it was only released 3 years ago, and with that, the Pixel 3 will not receive any other official security update.

Installing security updates is the primary thing everyone should do for their digital security. If you don’t get it, you are vulnerable to every vulnerability that is discovered.

Google has previously blamed the problem on mobile phone companies and phone manufacturers, claiming that updates need to be passed through these companies before being pushed to the user.

Google wasn’t making any Android phones, and the Nexus line was the closest to it, and it had partnerships with other manufacturers like Motorola and HTC.

But over the past six years, Google has built a line of Pixel phones. They are phones made by Google, which means Google can’t blame other manufacturers for stopping security updates, however, it has announced itself that it will stop supporting its Pixel 3.

The writer believes that this ploy by the company is very frustrating, and he is upset because he has to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone, while he does not have to.

One of the things Apple does better than most other consumer electronics companies is to support its devices for a long time, the writer says.

The latest iOS version can be installed on phones pre-iPhone 6s. Which was issued more than 6 years ago.

At the end of his article, the writer announces his intention to switch to an iPhone for the first time. Where he finds that Apple is good in this area compared to Google in terms of the fact that its devices have a longer lifespan than Google.

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