Burkina Faso.. The world condemns the coup and calls on the army to respect the constitution

International condemnations of the military coup that took place in Burkina Faso two days ago continued, accompanied by demands for the army that carried out the coup to abide by its mission to protect the country, return to its barracks, respect the constitutional order, and immediately release the elected president and all those arrested in the coup.

In New York, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed on Tuesday that “military coups are unacceptable”, calling on the military in West Africa to “defend their countries, not attack their governments.”

Ahead of a meeting of the UN Security Council on “Protecting civilians in conflict zones,” the UN Secretary-General told reporters, “I appeal to the armies of these countries to play their professional role as armies that protect their countries and establish democratic institutions.”

The Secretary-General of the United Nations warned that “the role of the military should be to defend their countries and peoples, not attack their governments and fight for power.”

Last night, Guterres tweeted, “The role of the military should be to defend a country and its people, not attack their government and fight for power. I call on Burkina Faso’s army to play its professional role, protect its country and restore democratic institutions.”

For its part, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) said in a statement on Tuesday that ousted Burkina Faso President Roc Kabore has stepped down “under threat, intimidation and pressure from the army”.

The group – which is the main political and economic bloc in West Africa – added in the statement that it will hold an emergency summit to discuss the coup in Burkina Faso.

minute by minute

On Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the military coup in Burkina Faso, and said that the situation in the West African country “looked calm” in the past few hours, adding that he had been informed that ousted Burkina Faso President Roc Kabore was “in good health” and not in danger. Macron said his government was following the situation “minute by minute”.

In Berlin, the German government condemned the military coup in Burkina Faso, and called for a return to constitutional order, and a German Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that “the violent overthrow of the government by sectors of the armed forces means a serious blow to the Burkinabe constitution and the democracy achieved by the Burkinabe people in 2015”. .

“The army must return to the barracks and to the constitutional order, and further escalation must be avoided, and this also includes the immediate release of democratically elected President Roc Kabore and all persons arrested in this context,” the spokesman added.

The spokesman pointed out that the recent events will not remain without consequences for the cooperation between Berlin and Ouagadougou, “and we will evaluate and adjust the continuation of our cooperation with Burkina Faso in the interest of the people.” However, the German Foreign Ministry did not specify exactly what it means by this phrase.

open airport

Meanwhile, the ruling military junta in Burkina Faso ordered the opening of the country’s airport, a day after it announced the closure of land and air borders. The Military Council asked the undersecretaries of the ministries to conduct work in government institutions until further notice.

In the capital, Ouagadougou, on Tuesday, dozens of people participated in the demonstrations that took place in the “Plas de la Nacion” square in the center of the capital in support of the army and to welcome the overthrow of President Kabore. The crowd raised slogans supporting the army, describing President Kabore’s regime as “powerless and oppressive.”

Hundreds of Ouagadougou residents took to the streets of the capital on Monday to celebrate the army’s seizure of power. “Our suffering will stop now. We ask the soldiers we trust to work together for the return of peace to Burkina Faso,” said a local resident who supported the coup.

The supermarket, shops, shops and gas stations reopened without a noticeable military presence in the city center on Tuesday, after unrest erupted last Sunday after reports of soldiers in barracks in the capital, Ouagadougou and two other cities in the north of the country.

The government initially denied the coup and said everything was under control, but by Monday evening Kabore had been taken to an army camp, and the leaders of Burkina Faso’s new junta announced the overthrow of the government.

The government and the National Assembly (Parliament) were dissolved and the country’s borders closed “until further notice”, in addition to a night-time curfew. The coup leaders did not explain how and when the country’s 21 million people could return to democratic life.

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