In the government’s first test, the Kuwaiti National Assembly votes to grant confidence to the Minister of Defense after questioning him

Kuwait News Agency reported that Kuwaiti Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali Al-Sabah gained the confidence of the National Assembly after being questioned by a member of parliament about a week ago.

The result of the vote came in the rejection of 23 deputies of the vote of confidence, while 18 deputies agreed, out of the total number of 41 present, and this is the first real test of the steadfastness of the new government that was formed at the end of last December with the participation of 4 deputies, including 3 from the opposition.

Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim had announced – a week ago – that 10 MPs demanded a vote of no-confidence against the Minister of Defense after questioning him in Parliament.

The minister was questioned about charges; Including the inclusion of women in the military, and violations in the purchase of Eurofighter planes, accusations denied by the minister.

Withdrawing confidence from a minister requires that a majority of the members who are not ministers vote against him, as ministers do not participate in the vote of confidence in their colleague, even though they are all considered representatives in Parliament.

Yesterday, it was announced controls set by the Minister of Defense for women to join the military service in the Kuwaiti army, the most important of which are: the consent of the guardian or the husband, adherence to the legal veil, and work in the medical and nursing specialties, technical fields and support services.

The decision also included not carrying out field and tactical military exercises, not carrying weapons, and accepting when needed to fill the required vacancies.

Local newspapers said that these conditions are consistent with what the Fatwa Board at the Ministry of Endowments has concluded, which the Minister has consulted in this regard.

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