Tesla’s Gigafactory is now the largest car factory in North America

The development of Tesla in recent years has been quite a sensation. A look at history shows this. The automotive market in North America was long dominated by General Motors, Chrysler and Ford. For decades, no newly founded local car manufacturer was able to gain a permanent foothold. Accordingly, Tesla was only given small chances at the beginning. In fact, the group was walking on the edge of the financial abyss for a long time. But the picture has changed fundamentally in the meantime: Tesla is rushing from milestone to milestone. The share price of the electric car pioneer rose to dizzying heights. The company is now considered the most valuable car manufacturer in the world and regularly earns good money. However, if you look at the number of cars sold, Elon Musk’s company is in the lower ranks. But here, too, Tesla has started to catch up.

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Despite increasing production numbers, Tesla continues to make profits

Because while many car manufacturers are forced to reduce their production due to global problems in logistics and the ongoing shortage of semiconductors, Tesla is rushing from record to record here as well. In the last quarter of last year, the carmaker produced more than 250,000 vehicles. This represents an important milestone. Extrapolated over a whole year, the mark of one million cars produced was reached. Tesla is still far away from the top dogs Toyota or Volkswagen. But it is no longer a pure premium manufacturer in the absolute high-performance segment. The fact that the group is in the black despite this focus on the mass market is a positive sign. Basically, the profit margins in the mass market are significantly lower than in the premium segment. In order to be able to meet the increased demand, Tesla is busy building new factories – in Shanghai and Brandenburg, among other places.

So far, Tesla has used the space particularly efficiently

Ironically, the original factory in Fremont, United States, has now been able to claim a prestigious title for itself: it is the most productive car factory in North America. Or to put it another way: In no other plant on the continent do so many cars roll off the assembly line every week. Specifically, the value in Fremont is 8,550 vehicles per week. This puts the Toyota plant in Kentucky and the BMW plant in South Carolina in their place. This is also interesting because there is actually significantly less space in Fremont than with the competition. The Toyota plant mentioned is about twice the size of the Tesla plant in California. Conversely, this could also mean that Toyota theoretically still has unused capacity that can be used if demand increases. Here, however, Tesla will soon follow suit. On the one hand, Elon Musk has announced that he intends to further expand his commitment in Fremont. On the other hand, a new Tesla factory is currently being built in Texas. This should later be able to produce 20,000 cars per week.

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