The coalition intensifies its raids on Sanaa, and the Houthis warn Dubai after Abu Dhabi

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen renewed its air strikes in Sanaa and a number of provinces, following the recent attacks launched by the Ansar Allah Houthi group on the kingdom and the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi with ballistic missiles.

Yemeni local sources said that the coalition warplanes launched intensive raids on sites in the capital, Sanaa.

Late on Tuesday, the coalition announced the implementation of a military operation against what it described as legitimate targets in Sanaa and some governorates, “in response to the threat and the military necessity to protect civilians from hostile attacks,” according to the official Saudi Press Agency on Twitter.

The coalition warplanes launched raids focused on Al-Nahdin and Al-Hafa areas in Al-Sabeen District, and carried out at least one raid in Dhamar Governorate.

The escalation between the Houthis and the coalition has been going on for days, and the group launched a new attack on the UAE yesterday for the second time in a few days, and targeted Abu Dhabi with ballistic missiles, and escalated its attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Houthis hinted at the possibility of targeting the “Expo 2020 Dubai” exhibition hosted by the Emirate of Dubai.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree posted a tweet on Twitter, in which he said, “Expo… with us, you may lose. We recommend changing the destination,” without giving further details.

On the other hand, Yemeni military factions backed by the UAE continue their attack on the Houthis in the oil-rich Marib Governorate.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the UAE-backed Giants Brigade announced its complete control of the Harib area in Marib.

And Reuters news agency quoted two sources, one military and the other tribal, as saying that the forces of the brigade are also moving in the Juba and Abdiya areas.

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