Discussing the operation of Kabul International Airport.. Reuters: Qatar resumes evacuation flights from Afghanistan

Reuters quoted a high-ranking source in the Qatari government as saying that Qatar has resumed operating evacuation flights from Afghanistan after stopping for about two months.

According to the source, the first flight left Kabul for Doha on Wednesday, with 227 civilians on board, including US citizens, green card holders and their families.

The Qatari source said that Doha has resumed operating civilian flights after extensive talks with the Afghan caretaker government.

Qatar Airways operated one or two chartered flights between Kabul and Doha for most weeks between late September and early December.

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On the other hand, a tripartite meeting of delegations from Qatar, Turkey and Afghanistan concluded yesterday in Doha, discussing the issue of managing and operating Kabul International Airport.

A statement by the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “a set of key issues have been agreed upon on how to manage and operate the airport,” without providing further details.

The meeting comes as a continuation of previous talks, the latest of which took place between the three parties in Kabul last week, according to the same statement. The statement also revealed that a final round of these negotiations will be held next week.

Doha announced last week that a bilateral delegation from Qatar and Turkey held intensive negotiations over two days with the Afghan interim government in Kabul, regarding the management and operation of Kabul International Airport.

A Qatari Foreign Ministry statement said at the time that the three parties expressed their satisfaction with the course of the talks, and also agreed to complete the discussions in a new round in Doha.

In late December, negotiations took place between Qatari and Turkish delegations regarding the operation of Kabul Airport, which culminated in the signing of a memorandum of understanding between two companies from Turkey and Qatar for this purpose on the basis of an “equal partnership”.

The Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul is important because it is Afghanistan’s main air link with the world, and is the main corridor for humanitarian aid needed by the Afghan people.

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