He went out with his friends 15 years ago and did not return.. A Moroccan campaign calls for the mystery of Al-Tuhamy’s case to be solved and supports his mother

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The case of a Moroccan young man has returned to social media 15 years after his disappearance, and calls for the disclosure of his fate have risen under the hashtag (“Tohamy Bennani”), which invaded digital platforms in Morocco.

And the eighth bulletin, “Nashertakum” (27/1/2022), followed the wide spread of this issue, which drew the attention of users of social media platforms, and the great circulation of his photos and his mother’s statements calling for the disclosure of her son’s fate.

The hashtag “Justice by Tohami Bennani” in French witnessed a great interaction, during which a number of activists expressed in the virtual space their support for the young man’s mother, calling for an in-depth investigation into the case and to reveal the mystery surrounding it.

The case came back to the fore again after a Moroccan blog published a video clip telling the story of Al-Tuhamy, and conveying the story of his mother, who appealed to the organizations to support her in the path of revealing the fate of her son, and the young man’s mother received widespread popular support on the communication sites.

Among the interactions with this issue, the media, Radwan Al-Ramadani, wrote, “The most difficult need for parents, especially the mother, is that she loses the liver, its diarrhoea.. So let’s not combine separation with a great mystery due to disappearance, and the result is that it is separation, or death, without a body, and this is something It has been going on for 15 years!! Whatever it is, the duty of the security and judicial authorities is to cool the embers that lit, then the liver is the mother’s organ.”

Journalist Etimad Salam wrote, “All wishes are that the truth will emerge and the heart of the mother, who has suffered so much, will be reassured to know the fate of her unknown son, without the mystery of his disappearance 15 years from being revealed until today.”

Activist Mourad Hajji commented, “Everyone wants to know the truth. Everyone is following this case. If there was no right case, and my aunt Hayat was right… I would not have received this solidarity in full Moroccans, praise be to God, a conscious and understanding people who are always with the truth.”

In turn, the tweeter Saeed Radwani said, “At first she was looking for her son, and now she is only looking for his body. She only wants a grave that includes the pleasure of her liver, a grave whose soil has been wetted with her tears. Since 2007, Hayat Al-Alami has been following her son’s trail and has not given up. Greetings to this great woman, Greetings to all mothers, and may God have mercy on her son, Tohami Bennani.

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