In cooperation with Al Jazeera Media Institute… Launching a project “Towards a Sustainable and Innovative Digital Media”

Yesterday, Wednesday, Al Jazeera Media Institute and the International Center for Journalists in Washington launched a specialized program to support and launch independent digital media projects led by young people, through a training experience that extends for months in the field of establishing or developing emerging media companies specialized in the digital field.

The Runway Program will be implemented in Amman, Jordan, and is one of the Knight Fellowship projects of the International Center for Journalists in the Middle East.

The project, through a training program designed and supported by Al Jazeera Media Institute, empowers male and female journalists and specialists in the business and information technology sectors who are interested in media work, through training opportunities and incubation for the establishment of small emerging companies in the field of leadership and digital media, providing technical and technical solutions, and contributing In the process of digital transformation of newsrooms and across social networking sites.

Director of Media Initiatives, Montaser Marai, said, “The program will contribute to the development of digital experiences for emerging youth organizations, promote digitization for new generations, and help young journalists to understand the frameworks of professional media by raising awareness of journalistic ethics and their applications in various aspects of the digital environment.”

digital transformation

Marei added, “In this program, we seek to raise the efficiency of digital journalism, accelerate the process of digital transformation to serve the needs of societies that have a great interest in information, and contribute to creating an environment free of unprofessional and unethical practices in journalistic work among young people.”

The project aims to enable Arab media institutions to transform digitally, support digital media institutions to produce content that contributes to enriching Arab digital content, work to establish Arab digital community media institutions, and develop journalists’ knowledge to be able to understand different programming mechanisms and algorithms, as well as develop skill Journalists in online research tools and mechanisms.

The selected participants will receive training and qualification on modern media, the relationship between media and social networking sites, journalistic work ethics, management of press institutions, designing a marketing plan, drawing up a business plan and administrative model for media institutions in the digital age, within a unique experience of training, supervision and follow-up. Intensive for two months. Applications will be accepted until February 15th.

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