Including the “Dream Machine” displayed in Rabat.. What do you know about the statues of Nana and her companion de Saint Phalle?

lace- In bright multiple colors, combining a huge female body without a head and what looks like a horse cart or bicycle, in a mechanical simulation of circular motion, a huge sculpture with dimensions “280 x 346 x 120 centimeters” called “The Dream Machine” adorned the courtyard of the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern Art. And contemporary in the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco.

“The Dream Machine” is one of the works of the French-American artist Nikki de Saint Phalle, one of the most prominent artists of the 20th century, symbolizing the dreams and aspirations of women. .

Who is Nikki de Saint Phalle? What is the story of her journey from psychotherapy and electric shocks to artistic and global creativity? What is the story of the Nana sculptures?

exceptional artist

Born Nikki de Saint Phalle or Catherine Marie de Saint Phalle in 1930 to an American mother and a French father, she is a plastic artist, painter, sculptor, and filmmaker, who began her career as a model and actress.

One of the female figures who made her mark in history, de Saint Phalle was considered an exceptional artist. According to the research “The Hidden Story Behind Nana Nikki Saint-de-Val” (French version), she is “a self-made feminist, whose works are characterized by very innovative aspects from the beginning, committed to the basic issues of the 20th century, and her art represented a mixture between the condition of a woman and a mixture of different materials.”

After the stock market crash, her family moved to New York in 1933 and returned to France in 1951. She began painting in 1952 and produced her first collections in 1956.

Actress Nikki de Saint Phalle (networking sites)

colorful rage

Nikki de Saint Phalle was admitted at the age of 22 to a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or major depression, and had thoughts of suicide and murder.

During her stay in the hospital, she discovered her talent, had a “compelling desire to paint”, began to do it in a frantic manner, realized that it relieved her fears, and decided to devote her life to art, and “embraced art as salvation and as a necessity”.

She spent a short period under strict psychological supervision, and underwent 10 electric shocks.

She became famous in 1961 when she was firing bullets from a rifle at dyeing pockets that exploded in colors.

Inspirational story

Nikki was upset and was raising her “inner demons” against society and her father. Among her sayings, “There is in the human heart a desire to destroy everything. Destruction is the affirmation of one’s existence against all odds.” The reason for her annoyance and fears will be revealed when she is over 60 years old, which was a sexual assault when she was young.

The Saint de Val method was considered a new method of painting that topped the global art scene at the time, as it transformed the energy of violence within it into creativity, and its story received a lot of attention and was considered a model of liberation through art.

Among her most famous sayings, “I had the opportunity to meet art, because, on a psychological level, I had everything I needed to become a terrorist.”

strength for nana

In the 1960s, Nikki de Saint-Phalle would become a member of the New Realists group, taking the direction of “pop art” and exploring artistic representation of the role of women, creating life-size dolls called “Nana”, which are colorful, polyester-filled sculptures of women. Mesh and paper mache.

Nikki de Saint-Phalle expressed herself with huge statues of Nana, with a playful tyrannical femininity, dancing in bright colors in supernatural sizes, and the expression “Nana” in French has become a modern, self-confident female figure, proud of her personality and attractive. Among Nikki’s sayings, “Strength is ours”, and her actions coincided with the feminist movement for women’s liberation.

She produced the first huge female sculptures in 1965 and exhibited them in Paris. Some of Nana’s works are on permanent display in Hannover, Germany.

In 1966, together with Jane Tingley, who became her second husband in 1971, she created “Hun” a huge woman 28 meters long, 6 meters high and 9 meters wide, at the Moderna Museum in Stockholm.

Nikki became famous when she was shooting from a rifle at dyeing pockets that exploded in colors (communication sites)

works of history

Nikki died in 2002, leaving behind an artistic impetus, and she had produced with her husband the “Igor Stravinsky” fountain in Paris, and today it is considered a heritage monument of 16 sculptures, for which Paris has allocated 1.6 million euros as a budget for its restoration and care within a program to renew heritage that costs 32.5 million euros. during 2022.

Among the most famous and most important achievements of Niki – which took 15 years to complete – is the Tarot Garden in Tuscany, Italy, which combines huge sculptures, including habitable ones.

According to Mehdi Qotbi, head of the National Foundation of Museums in Morocco, art lovers will be able to view Nikki de Saint Phalle’s masterpiece, thanks to the generosity of the famous collector Michael Benabou, one of the fans of Morocco.

In a statement to the press, Qotbi added, when one of the famous Nana sculptures was installed, that it would allow all residents of Rabat and all Moroccans, over a period of two years or more, to see the “dream machine”.

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