Le Figaro: West Africa at the time of the army colonels… After Burkina Faso, whose role?

In the beginning, it was Mali, which witnessed two coups, then came the coup of Guinea, and the phenomenon continued with the coup of Burkina Faso last Monday; Thus, 3 West African countries witnessed coups in 18 months, so who is likely to catch up with these three countries?

This is what the writer Tango Bertami tried to answer, in a report He wrote in the French newspaper “Le Figaro”, noting that those coups were widely welcomed by the population.

He pointed out that this welcome was embodied in the crowds in Bamako, Conakry and Ouagadougou going to the squares to celebrate the new era that – they believe – will be opened by these men in military uniform.

The writer explained that what is worrying is that these protesters are the same who cried a decade ago for democracy and civilians in the presidency.

He added that the question that haunts the neighboring capitals now is simple: Will this disease spread? It frightens everyone, admitting a West African official, “We’re looking at each other. Niger seems to be a fragile country and Guinea-Bissau has never been strong enough.”

He highlighted that the similarities in contagion do not stop there, the new strongmen look like brothers, they are young colonels, in their early forties, unknown to the general public but highly respected among their forces, as they were trained in the best schools, they are well-known field men In the battle arena, they appear modest and determined, according to the writer.

An African official was quoted as saying that people in these countries are tired of democracies that have brought them nothing but elections. Corruption is rampant in their countries, and so they long for the model of order and discipline embodied by the military and the model of authoritarian development promoted by Russia and China, in particular. , according to this official.

Immediately after the coup of Burkina Faso and without waiting, the writer says that Yevgeny Prigogine – the unofficial head of the Russian mercenary company Wagner – welcomed this “new era of decolonization in Africa”, while Alexander Ivanov, who can be described as the spokesman for the Russian “trainers” in Continent, he is ready to share the Russian experience with Burkina Faso.

On the other hand, the writer says that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is powerless, and it is forced to condemn and wait.

France is also powerless, although it condemned the recent coup, but to no avail, as the credibility of President Emmanuel Macron has been greatly undermined by anti-French propaganda on the one hand, and because of his trip last April to the Chadian capital (N’Djamena). To salute the undemocratic seizure of power by Mohamed Deby after the death of his father.

The writer concluded that the impression left by France’s blessing of Mohamed Deby’s assumption of power represented a double standard; “It was devastating,” one French diplomat admitted, since the success of Burkina Faso’s post-Mali coup threatens to drag the Sahel into a dangerous and unenviable situation.

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