The qualification of 3 Arab teams, colored cards, penalty kicks, and the exit of candidates. A rich outcome for the final price of the African Nations

The page for the final price of the African Nations Championship, which is currently being held in Cameroon, was folded, with a heavy outcome represented in the qualification of 3 Arab teams: Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. And Mali.

The Arab teams, especially Tunisia and Egypt, were able to shake off the disappointments of the group stage and presented remarkable levels in the final price.

  • Tunisia succeeded in eliminating Nigeria, the holder of the full mark in the group stage, who was an extraordinary candidate to win the title.
  • The Moroccan team, which presented a volatile performance in the first round, despite leading its group, defeated Malawi, and continued its successful career in the African Championship in search of the second title in its history.
  • The Egyptian team overturned all expectations after a slow and unsteady start in the group stage, and succeeded in eliminating Ivory Coast (one of the favorites to win the title) on penalties.

These teams ensured the presence of at least one Arab team in the semi-finals, as Morocco faces Egypt in an Arab summit expected in the African wedding.

African Nations Cup quarter-final matches (Al Jazeera)

3 out of the 8 matches were decided in the final price by penalty shootout, they are:

  • Burkina Faso and Gabon
  • Egypt and Ivory Coast
  • Mali and Equatorial Guinea

In the final price matches, the referees raised 6 red cards in 5 out of 8 matches of this inflamed role.

  • Red card against Gabon and Burkina Faso.
  • Red card in the Tunisia-Nigeria match.
  • Red card against Guinea and Gambia.
  • Red card against Cameroon and Comoros.
  • Two red cards in the face of Senegal and Cape Verde.

Cameroonian striker Vincent Abu Bakr, striker of the Saudi Al-Nasr team, topped the list, scoring 6 goals, a record number of goals scored in a single tournament.

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