1500 pieces of stones were used.. The painting “Astaghfirullah” arouses interest in Iraq

It may not seem – at first glance – to complete a large concrete painting a convincing idea, but this is what 3 Iraqi youths did, who completed a large painting in an unconventional way without brushes or dyes, in which the phrase “I ask forgiveness of God” is prominent.

The young men relied on construction materials that are used in construction, such as cement and iron, and installed the painting on the main road linking Koya district and Erbil city in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

During the work of the painting “I ask forgiveness of God” (Al Jazeera Net)

1500 pieces of stones

The painting is two meters high and 4 meters wide. About 1500 pieces of distinctive red stones were used. This type of stone is available in the village of “Haji Qala” in particular, which is one of the most famous villages in the district of Koya, as well as white stones of the same color. The village has the same specifications, as it is distinguished by its radiation and can be seen from a distance.

The three young men began by drawing the phrase “I ask forgiveness of God” on the concrete block first, and then put stones on it, according to the owner of the idea of ​​​​the painting, Rashid Dallak (26 years).

On the reason for choosing the main road linking Koya and Erbil to raise the painting, Dalak told Al Jazeera Net that they were keen to make it visible to passersby on the road, and when they see it, they remember God and seek His forgiveness.

From the right (Haider Abdel-Baqi, Rashid Dallak, Kaylan Kader) and among the three young people who completed the paintingFrom the right, Haider Abdel Baqi, Rashid Dallak, Kaylan Kader, the three young men who completed the painting (Al Jazeera Net)

God’s names

After completing the painting, which was widely praised by residents of the area and local government agencies, and attracted the attention of passersby, the three young men aspire to another greater work by writing the 99 Names of God in the same way and erecting them on a hill in the judiciary, but they are waiting for approvals from the concerned authorities.

The owners of the idea of ​​the painting aspire to complete similar paintings and place them at the entrances to all Iraqi cities, as a message to spread the principles and values ​​of Islam, and they are waiting for government approvals for that.

The three young men want to complete their project in the district of Koya, whose sons have known many religious scholars. Haider Abdel Baqi, 28, said that the next step will be with two paintings bearing “Glory be to God” and “Praise be to God.”

The position of government agencies

Regarding the position of local government agencies regarding this initiative, the mayor of Koya District, Muhammad Mirhaj, says that local government agencies are fully prepared to support this initiative because it is in the public interest and increases the bonds of love and tolerance.

Such activities need to allocate plots of land for their implementation, especially as they are located in external roads, which are usually owned by the state. The mayor of Al-Jazeera Net confirmed his department’s readiness to allocate the appropriate lands for the success of this project.

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