Abu Dhabi confronts the missiles and the Houthis announce: We bomb the Emirates to bring happiness to the hearts of Muslims

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An episode (28/1/2022) of the “Above Power” program dealt with the talk of the Houthi undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, Nasr Al-Din Amer, that they are bombing the Emirates to bring happiness to the hearts of Muslims.

The statements come after the Houthi group in Yemen bombed the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi twice within a week; In response to what they called aggression against the country.

The military spokesman of the Houthi group warned the companies operating in the UAE to be careful and leave, after it had become an unsafe country, describing it as a statelet. On the other hand, the UAE announced its response by destroying a ballistic missile platform in the Yemeni governorate of Al-Jawf, as part of what it called its reservation of its right to respond.

According to Emirati officials, the Houthi attacks on the UAE are evidence of their retreat on the ground, and a desperate attempt by them to create an imaginary victory. On the other hand, a member of the Federal National Council in the UAE, Dirar Al Falasi, suggested that the Houthi missiles were launched from inside the Emirates, and not from Yemen or Iran. How are the missiles targeting the UAE launched from within the country itself?

The United States of America called on its citizens in the UAE to be vigilant and maintain a high level of security awareness, and called on them to search for the nearest shelter in case any explosions were heard, and the American soldiers at Al Dhafra base in Abu Dhabi entered the shelters during the Houthi bombing.

But the strange thing is that Israel has not issued any public guidance to its citizens in the Emirates – which, according to Israeli media, has turned into the new pilgrimage center for the Israelis – despite their warning in the middle of last year against traveling to the Emirates due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

At a time when Abu Dhabi and Dubai are suffering from Houthi missiles – which have become a threat to the main artery of tourism – the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah announced its intention to open the first gambling hall in the region, in cooperation with an American company specialized in this field, and also announced the discovery of the first “coffee bean”. In the world, its history goes back 4,000 years, according to the emirate.

The episode also addressed the following topics:

  • Mahmoud al-Zahar follows in the footsteps of George Qardahi, but from Gaza.
  • Former British Minister: They fired me because I am a Muslim.
  • Snow camps in Syria burn hearts and test the chivalry of Arabs.
  • Opponents are crumbling in prisons, and Qais Saeed is proud of his freedoms.
  • Saad Hariri, Lebanon’s youngest leader, enters early retirement.

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