First case with the new commissioner Vincent Ross in the RBB police call

What about this one Police call 110 It is difficult to say from the RBB in particular – because it is unfair. Let’s say it anyway: the twists and turns of the case at the German-Polish police station in Słubice were quickly forgotten after the end of the film. Maybe apart from the fake blood, because that’s really a lot. This is unfair, because the story in “Hilde’s legacy” is told in a very fine way: about Emma, ​​who finds her brother, who is supposed to help her study for her studies, in his blood. Porcelain knick-knacks play a role, and somehow also the grandmother, who keeps a lot of cash in her little house and is mean, but happens to be the only family that the little brothers and sisters still have. At least before the father reappears, who immediately receives humiliation and beatings from grandma, and you can guess how someone like that became an alcoholic. Everything is difficult and difficult, Tatja Seibt as Grandma Hilde Grutzke, Lars Rudolph as her weak son, Ada Philine Stappenbeck as granddaughter Emma.

But what really remains – literally, also for the future, because Maria Simon is here after more than ten years as investigator Olga Lenski is replaced – that’s a man in a skirt. Okay, let’s be honest: in a kilt. But with Khol around the eyes. Vincent Ross, that’s the name of the new rock star and detective candidate, has stylistic ancestors in punk and stands with both feet in compassion. André Kaczmarczyk plays him with playful seriousness as a kind of woken R2-D2, fluid in the service of good and unmoved by the amazement around him, you just have to love him. do you have to? No. One occasionally feels the need to show him where the hammer hangs. And this is his boss.

Police call 110 from RBB: Emma (Ada Philine Stappenbeck) is disturbed by the death of her brother, her father Ulf (Lars Rudolph, left) is not much help.

Emma (Ada Philine Stappenbeck) is disturbed by the death of her brother, her father Ulf (Lars Rudolph, left) is not much help.

(Photo: Hans-Joachim Pfeiffer/rbb)

The RBBpolice call the new line-up will, so much is predicted, work on the subject of masculinity. There are reasons not to fill a vacant investigative position in Sunday crime novels with a woman, but there aren’t many. A confident man in a skirt is probably one. Artistically speaking, André Kaczmarczyk as Vincent Ross is definitely one. Maximum contrast program to his superior Adam Raczek (Lucas Gregorowicz), who in obsession with performance, separation depression and maybe simply because he is slowly getting old, prefers to scrounge pills from the forensic scientist instead of sitting down and, well, feeling. When he does sit down, he prefers to sit in the camp chair to toss ribs on the grill. He invites others to do the same, but only Vincent Ross comes – and that’s a really nice night scene, the melancholic Polish macho and the new guy, who doesn’t always wear a skirt, but is still a stranger to Raczek. Whenever they come closest, they suddenly repel each other, which, physically, would actually suggest that they are similarly polarized.

Written by Anika Wangard and Eoin Moore, who also directed the two have just said goodbye to investigator Sascha Bukow (Charly Hübner) in Rostock in a brilliant episode, another guy from the old school. Well.

Police call 110 – Hilde’s legacy, Das Erste, Sunday, 8:15 p.m.

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