Watch – Allison praises the video referee technology after canceling his expulsion twice.. What does the football law say?

The match between Ecuador and Brazil in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers – yesterday, Thursday – which ended in a 1-1 draw, witnessed a historic event for the first time in the stadiums of the round witch, as the referee canceled the expulsion of Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Becker twice, after referring to the video assistant referee “VAR” ( VAR).

Alisson said the video assistant referee (VAR) technology saved his team from “injustice”, after his expulsion was canceled twice against Ecuador.

And the referee declared the red card to Alisson in the 26th minute, after he raised his foot very high at the level of his opponents’ head to save the ball, and it hit the head of the Ecuadorean striker.

The second “cancelled” expulsion came in conjunction with a penalty kick against Brazil in added time, after Alisson saved the ball by hitting it with a fist in front of the head of his opponent, Ayrton Preciado.

However, after reviewing the incident with the video assistant referee, the referee canceled the penalty kick and the expulsion.

Alison received the second package after this case (Getty Images)

What does football law say?

The text of the Football Law agrees with the referee’s decisions, although at first glance the two cases make you feel that Alisson committed a violent playing error that requires direct expulsion according to Article 12 (errors and misconduct), with a little focus it becomes clear that the referee’s decision was 100% correct.

In the first expulsion, when Allison raised his foot high to kick the ball before his opponents reached it, no player was in front of him, but rather it was the attacker who engaged with him at a time when Baker had already kicked the ball and could not avoid a violent collision with the striker’s head, and this is what is called In the football law, he has “recklessness”, and the maximum penalty for him is a warning, which was a successful decision from a wonderful intervention by the mouse.

As for the second canceled expulsion case, it was clearer in terms of the absence of any violation in it, despite the violent collision that some might imagine that Allison punched the attacker, and the fact that the Brazilian goalkeeper succeeded in hitting the ball with his hand in the air naturally, without any recklessness or violence before the attacker And then the collision occurred, and here the text of the law is clear that the game must continue.

This situation occurs a lot of defenders who play hard to keep the ball in front of the attackers, and they actually succeed in playing it before them, and the referees do not count any violation despite the occurrence of violent collisions afterwards.

Alison comments

“I think it’s the first time it’s happened in the history of football,” said the Liverpool goalkeeper. “I think I intervened appropriately both times, and I think my team-mates helped me a lot as they were decisive in their talk to the referee. This shows the importance of VAR in football.”

“The draw is a fair result, because the two teams did not create enough chances… (Coach) Tite demanded that we be strong on the mental side, leave the decisions in the hands of the referee and trust in our efforts.”

“Given that, this match was tough on the mental side. We were mentally strong and I think when we questioned the referee’s decisions it came at the right time. The video referee was used and it must be shown how important it is because these decisions changed the course of the match.”

The match witnessed another expulsion, but it was correct and was supported by the mouse, after a violent intervention from Ecuador goalkeeper Alexandre Dominguez, against Brazil’s Mateos Cunha.

Brazil advanced through Casemiro in the sixth minute, before a player from each team was sent off.

Felix Torres equalized for Ecuador with a header 15 minutes before the end, before Alisson raised the controversy again.

Ecuador is in third place with 24 points. It is 5 points ahead of fourth-placed Uruguay.

The winners of the first four places qualify directly for the finals in Qatar, while the fifth ranked will compete in the global qualifiers against a team from Asia.

Brazil and Argentina had qualified for the finals.

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