Who targets Baghdad airport? Why did the Iraqi forces fail to condemn?

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The researcher in political and strategic affairs, Ziad Al-Arar, said that the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s denunciation of the failure of some parties to condemn the targeting of Baghdad Airport comes as a rejection of the silence of these parties; Which means she agreed to the attack.

Al-Arar added – in his speech to an episode of “Beyond the News” program (28/1/2022) – that Al-Kazemi’s emphasis on the necessity of condemning everyone targeting the airport, and immediately, comes from being an attack on a sovereign institution, and it also affects the efforts of the state. in the fight against terrorism.

Al-Arar stressed that Al-Kazemi’s speech does not necessarily mean accusing the popular crowd factions of being behind the attack, because the crowd has become a semi-official component and has headquarters spread across all regions of Iraq.

He added that Al-Kazemi is determined to quickly reveal the party behind the targeting of the airport, calling on the security services to work to uncover the culprits and refer them to the judiciary, and even use force against them if necessary to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future.

And earlier today, Friday, the Iraqi Security Media Cell announced that an attack with 6 missiles targeted Baghdad Airport and damaged two Iraqi Airways planes, accusing what it described as “non-state terrorist gangs” of carrying it out.

The Iraqi Prime Minister condemned, in strong terms and in a strict tone, the attack on Baghdad Airport, describing it as a cowardly terrorist act, and an attempt to undermine Iraq’s reputation, vowing a decisive response to this type of dangerous operations, behind which are agendas that do not want Iraq well.

In what appeared to be Al-Kazemi’s resentment at the failure of some parties to condemn what happened at the airport, he said that those he called the criminals see the silence on this type of attack as a political cover for them, as he put it.

Who is behind the attack?

Abbas Al-Ardawi, head of the Irtiqa Center for Research and Studies, said that many factions affiliated with the Popular Mobilization condemned the attack on the airport, and the statements are still coming, and everyone agrees that the attack is a terrorist and condemned act.

He added that the bombing coincided with the security disruptions on the Iraqi-Syrian border, after the release of ISIS prisoners from Al-Hasakah prison. In reference to the possibility that the banned organization was behind this attack.

He added that most of the factions of what he called the “Iraqi resistance” claim immediate responsibility for the attacks they are carrying out, and this is what we have not seen so far in the airport attack, accusing the parties benefiting from the presence of US forces in the country of being behind the attack.

Military and strategic expert Major General Fayez al-Duwairi said that accusing the Iraqi Prime Minister of “non-state forces” of being behind targeting Baghdad Airport may mean some of the Popular Mobilization factions, which consists of 67 factions, and some of these factions are classified as terrorist factions, and they have cross-border links.

He added that the attack comes in several contexts; Including the elections, the Supreme Court’s ruling on its results, the problem of forming a government so far, and targeting the house of Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi; These are matters that serve to disrupt the political life in the country to please some foreign parties, he said.

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