With the purchase of Theindustry, YOC opens up the Swiss programmatic market for high-impact formats

“Entering the Swiss market is the next logical step after we have successfully established our VIS.X technology platform in our core markets. With VIS.X we enable Swiss media companies and providers of digital content to achieve higher monetization. In addition, we are driving forward the internationalization of our activities in a targeted manner,” comments Dirk Kraus, CEO of YOC, on the takeover.

Founded in 2001, YOC is a mobile-first ad technology company that combines technical expertise and creativity. The SSP VIS.X forms the basis for the automated advertising business on the mobile web and in-app. The company is considered a pioneer in the implementation of mobile advertising and is itself a provider of interactive and attention-grabbing advertising formats.

Patrick Stüssi and Dario Piccinno, founders and managing directors of Theindustry, are enthusiastic and look forward to working with YOC: “It is a great opportunity to be able to establish VIS.X as the technology platform for high-impact advertising formats in Switzerland. This is a programmatic offer that has not previously existed on the Swiss market. We are delighted to be part of the YOC Group with immediate effect.”

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