Al Jazeera Institute publishes the guide “How to tell the story on TV”

Al Jazeera Media Institute published its new edition guide “How to Tell the Story on TV” prepared by our colleague Dr. Mohamed El-Baqali, Al-Jazeera correspondent in Paris, which deals with the production process of the field television report in all its stages.

The guide, in more than 100 pages, focuses on the field television report, its characteristics, features and implementation mechanisms, starting from the stage of preparing the reporter for himself in terms of knowledge and practice, and passing through all stages of the report’s completion: from choosing the idea to editing and publishing the report, and then it turns to live coverage and the characteristics that must be The reporter must have it during those coverages.

According to the introduction to the guide, it mainly aims to “provide a detail of the qualities of a successful television reporter, specifications of a good television report or reportage, with practical examples that facilitate understanding and clarify the meaning.”

Al-Dalil Al-Baqali, who has more than 16 years of experience in preparing television reports, was prepared during his work as a reporter in various regions around the world.

He participated in covering many events, including: the Tunisian revolution, the war in Libya, the waves of asylum to Europe, the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the negotiations of the Iranian nuclear agreement, and many other events that gave him extensive practical experience with regard to television reports and live coverage.

This guide comes as the first publication this year, and Al Jazeera Media Institute is working to publish a variety of other collections in the coming months.

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