In the video… Two referees who used a yellow jacket to manage the Chile-Argentina match were punished

The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) imposed a penalty on two referees who participated in officiating the Chile-Argentina match in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The referees committee in CONMEBOL punished the Brazilians Fabricio Villarino and Rodrigo Correa, after refereeing the first half of the touchline with the help of yellow jackets.

The two assistant referees had to find an urgent solution after they discovered 12 minutes before kick-off that they had forgotten the flag at the hotel, and they had no choice but to seek the help of a yellow jacket and hang it on a stick.

It seemed that the two referees’ plan would succeed without drawing attention, but the director of the match showed an enlarged snapshot of the used flag, which caused a torrent of comments and ridicule on the communication sites.

Although the two referees entered the second half with the approved official flag after it was retrieved from the hotel, their behavior did not pass without repercussions.

And the arbitration committee of the South American Football Association announced the exclusion of the two referees for a period of 4 months from managing any match within the competitions it supervises.

The committee justified its decision that the two referees “failed to perform their duties due to the failure to use the basic equipment necessary to exercise their functions, which endangers the normal course of the match.”

It is noteworthy that the match ended with Argentina winning 2-1, raising its score to 32 points, which it won in 14 matches, to occupy second place in the continental qualifiers, 4 points behind leaders Brazil. While Chile’s balance froze at 16 points in seventh place, its chance to qualify for the finals is threatened.

The winners of the first four places qualify directly for the finals in Qatar, while the fifth ranked will compete in the global qualifiers against a team from Asia.

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