Iranian President to his French counterpart: We have proven our seriousness to reach a nuclear agreement, but we want real guarantees

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi and French President Emmanuel Macron held a telephone conversation, and the Iranian presidency website said that Raisi confirmed that Tehran had demonstrated seriousness and will to achieve an agreement during the Vienna negotiations.

Raisi added that the opposite party must effectively lift the sanctions and provide real guarantees that can be relied upon, according to him, considering that the United States has admitted the failure of the policy of maximum pressure.

The Iranian presidency website also quoted French President Macron as saying that Tehran has the right to lose confidence in the United States, because the American administration caused this crisis.

Reuters had quoted a source in the French presidential palace (Elysee) that the nuclear negotiations with Iran are difficult, but there are indications that the agreement is possible, as he put it.

The French official added that the issue of providing guarantees and how to bring the Iranian nuclear program back under control are matters that still need to be clarified.

All parties agreed to a temporary suspension of the nuclear negotiations, and the European Union coordinator for the Vienna negotiations, Enrique Mora, said that the participants in the Vienna negotiations will return to their countries for consultation, and that what is required is to reach political decisions.

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