The conclusion of the “Gulf Security 3” exercise in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to host the next edition

Yesterday, Saturday, the activities of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) tactical security exercise, titled “Arab Gulf Security 3”, were concluded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with Qatar hosting the next edition.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the closing ceremony of the tactical exercise was hosted by Abqaiq Governorate, in the east of the country, with the participation of senior security officials in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

The closing ceremony witnessed a review of the hypothesis of the security handling of the cyber attack, the response to an attack on an economic facility, the attack with booby-trapped boats, and the hypothesis of armed robbery.

The agency quoted Saudi Interior Minister Abdulaziz bin Saud as saying that the Gulf states stand “united in the face of everything that threatens their security” and refuse to touch it in any way, or “tamper with their capabilities or endanger the safety of individuals and facilities for any danger whatsoever.”

The joint tactical exercise “Arab Gulf Security 3”, in which security forces from the Gulf countries participated (social networking sites)

simulation of attack hypotheses

The exercise was launched on January 15, and is being held for the third time in a row, in implementation of the decision of the GCC interior ministers, and included activities and events that simulate security assumptions and risks that any of the GCC countries may be exposed to.

In this context, the Secretary-General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, Nayef Al-Hajraf, affirmed that the security of the GCC states is “an indivisible whole,” expressing “the pride and pride in the level of security coordination and cooperation that exists between the specialized agencies in the GCC states to preserve the security and stability of its states and protect the gains of their citizens.”

Al-Hajraf said at the closing ceremony of the tactical exercise that “the security of the GCC states is one,” and that “security coordination and integration is a fundamental pillar in maintaining security and stability in the GCC states,” praising the performances that the exercise witnessed, and the capabilities and competencies enjoyed by the Gulf security services.

Al-Hajraf considered that the joint security work between the GCC states “has achieved many distinguished achievements, starting with the approval of the security agreement between the GCC states, the anti-terrorism agreement, and the establishment of effective security organizations, such as the Criminal Information Center for Drug Control of the Cooperation Council, the Gulf Police Service, and the Center for Emergency Situations Management.” for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

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