A demonstration in southern Tunisia calls for the restoration of the democratic path and the release of detainees

Opponents of Tunisian President Kais Saied demonstrated today, Sunday, in the city of Gabes (southeast of Tunisia) to reject his exceptional measures, which they describe as a coup, and to demand the restoration of the democratic path in the country.

Despite the decision to ban gatherings recently approved by the authorities as part of other measures to combat the outbreak of the Corona virus, the demonstrators gathered in front of the headquarters of the Court of First Instance in Gabes as part of a vigil called by the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign to denounce Said’s measures announced last July 25, which It included in particular the freezing of Parliament, the dissolution of the government, and paved the way for its subsequent acquisition of all powers.

Anadolu Agency estimated the number of participants in the vigil in the hundreds.

The protesters raised slogans calling for the overthrow of what they described as the coup authority and a return to the democratic path in the country.

Jawhar bin Mubarak, an activist in the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign, speaks during the sit-in in Gabes (communication sites)

Protesters’ slogans

They also raised banners that read, “No to unilateral power,” “The constitution is a red line,” and “No to compromising the judiciary.”

On Saturday, a number of Ennahda supporters, activists and political figures from the “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign organized a protest sit-in in front of the house of Reda Bouziane, whose “Citizens Against the Coup” campaign and Ennahda confirmed that he died as a result of an assault on him by the security forces during A demonstration commemorating the revolution on January 14 in the Tunisian capital.

The participants in the vigil raised slogans demanding the tracking of those involved in the incident, and others denouncing what they considered a policy of intimidation and suppression of freedoms in Tunisia, demanding the overthrow of what they described as the coup authority.

Safety of journalists

In this context, the Tunisian Journalists Syndicate held the presidency of the government and the republic responsible for the safety of journalists, against the background of what it described as treason and incitement against them by state officials.

And in a statement issued yesterday, Saturday; The union called on the government to take the necessary disciplinary measures if such practices did not reflect the state’s policy towards the press.

This statement comes after the Syndicate of Journalists accused the governor of Ben Arous (south of the Tunisian capital), Ezz El-Din El-Shibli, of attacking a journalist working on a local radio station.

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