An uproar between supporters and opponents.. Abbas Al-Nouri criticizes corruption in Syria

A state of wide controversy and astonishment prevailed among activists on social media platforms in Syria, following the criticism of the actor known for his loyalty to the regime
Abbas Al-Nouri, in a radio statement, indirectly mentioned the corruption of the Assad family and the Baath Party and their role in destroying the country and its backwardness.

Al-Nouri considered – in an interview with a local Syrian radio – that Syria was the country of democracies with its elections and parties, describing it as the “basic democratic landmark” in the world, but that ended when the military came and overthrew the constitution and all democratic culture, as he put it.

The artist Abbas Al-Nouri, who was famous for the character of Abu Essam in the series Bab Al-Hara, considered that “Syria is behind in terms of freedoms”, and criticized the Baath regime, stressing that the state took over the decision-making joints at all media, cultural, commercial and other levels.

“The citizen, since 1963, has been hearing about the liberation of Palestine and prayer in Jerusalem, while the level of income in the occupied Palestinian territories has become 10 times what it is in Syria,” he said.

Subsequently, the radio station deleted the interview without explaining the reasons.

Actor and artist Abbas Al-Nouri has been known for his supportive positions for the Syrian regime and its army during the past years.

The positions and statements of the Syrians, with their different orientations, were divided regarding Al-Nuri’s statements, and some loyal to the Syrian regime accused the artist Abbas Al-Nuri of treason, according to their description.

Ola Shafee’ wrote on Twitter that Al-Nouri’s hadith is not one of the stories of the Thousand and One Nights, but is known and lived by every Syrian… saying that the sun is not covered by a sieve.

As for Maryam, she said that Abbas Al-Nouri did not make a mistake, but rather described the Syrian reality, and described the attempts to betray him as unsuccessful, and shared a label launched by the wife of the artist Abbas Al-Nouri, which is “Solidarity with Abbas Al-Nouri”.

As for the Syrian activist Omar Madaniah, he wrote on Twitter that Abbas al-Nuri criticized the regime and accused it of suppressing freedoms, and he has always defended it fiercely, especially against those who went out against Assad and his regime.

And through a post, Haidara Bahjat Suleiman – a member of the Baath Party – said, “I will file a complaint against the so-called Abbas Al-Nuri, in my capacity as a personal right claimant, along with several comrades and comrades working in our party, on charges of insulting, degrading, insulting and insulting all party members.”

In a later post, he thanked Al-Madina Radio for deleting the interview it had with Al-Nouri from its YouTube channel, saying, “I was sure that its senior management would not tolerate such words from its pulpit. All thanks.”

As for the tweeter Muhammad al-Hassan, he wrote, “If he had been true to his words, it is better for you to arrive late than not to pray.”

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