Describing him as “Ancientist” .. Egyptian security responds to Ramy Shaath’s criticism of the human rights situation in Egypt

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior responded sharply to statements made by the Egyptian-Palestinian activist, Rami Shaath, during the past few days, following the Egyptian authorities’ release of him after nearly two and a half years of detention in Egyptian prisons.

In statements to Agence France-Presse, Shaath described Egypt as a “big cell,” stressing his determination to continue the struggle, despite his family being threatened. Then he spoke before the European Parliament, calling for “the Egyptian regime to be held accountable for its total violations,” and the need to change the rules of the game and Europe’s adoption of a stability strategy. In Egypt, it is based on supporting freedoms and human rights.

In a statement published by Egyptian newspapers, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior criticized Shaath, describing him as an “archeologist.” It is an expression that the Egyptian authorities have been using in recent years to describe opposition activists who do not have an Islamic tendency, as they are often described as terrorist elements.

The statement attributed to a “security source” considered that activist “Shaath” resorted to these “allegations” in order to win the sympathy of external public opinion to obtain personal gains.

The security source said that Rami Shaath “was receiving all his rights during his imprisonment, and obtained all his visits and integrated health care for him, and all requests made by his wife to come to the country and visit him at exceptional times were responded to.

Republic of Fear

During his speech before the European Parliament in Strasbourg last Wednesday; Ramy Shaath accused the Egyptian authorities of terrorizing opponents by illegally arresting them, and said that Egypt today has turned into a “republic of fear and terrorism”, which forced human rights organizations to stop their work for fear of persecution, travel bans, confiscation of their members’ property and imprisonment.

Shaath called on members of the European Parliament to get out of the policy of denunciation and to submit demands to adopt an actual position against the ruling regime in Egypt and what he described as its “grave violations of the rights of Egyptian citizens.”

Shaath’s statements sparked controversy on social media in Egypt, where supporters praised his courage in expressing the tragedies experienced by thousands of detainees in Egyptian prisons, in front of a platform the size of the European Parliament.

On the other hand, the supporters of the authority launched an attack on Shaath and called on him to take care of his Palestinian origins, and to fight the Israeli occupation of his country instead of attacking Egypt, which was confirmed by the journalist close to the security services, Ahmed Moussa, who added to that the accusation of the Egyptian-Palestinian activist that he is working “within a required agenda.” And that he gets money and gifts for his words.

Source : Egyptian media + Social Media

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