He took the microphone and ran away.. The surprises of the African Nations Cup do not end

After the collision that resulted in deaths and injuries, invalid tournament balls, the failure of the Mauritanian anthem to be played, and the poor playing field; New innovations presented by the African Nations Cup currently held in Cameroon.

“BN Sports” correspondent Yacine Ben Lamnawar reports on his Twitter account a funny incident in the press conference of the Tunisian national team, regarding its confrontation yesterday with Burkina Faso.

Ben Lamnawar tweets that, “A few seconds before the press conference for the match between Tunisia and Burkina Faso, a person climbed on the podium (where the captain of the team, Wahbi Khazri and Jalal Al-Qadri, assistant coach are present) and took the microphone and cables, and then escaped despite the attempt to arrest him.”

He continued, “It turned out later that the organizing committee had rented this equipment from him and had not paid him the costs (the money involved).”

In another incident, the reporter in Cameroon to cover the African World Cup revealed that “the press conference for Egypt coach Carlos Queiroz was canceled, after he was more than an hour late in arriving at the conference hall. Finish the exercises, then escort Queiroz to the conference hall.

Last Monday, at least 8 fans were killed in a stampede at the Yaounde Olympic Stadium in Cameroon, most of whom are suspected of not having tickets, while trying to enter the stadium to watch the host country’s match in the price of the final against Comoros.

This is the first disaster of its kind at the tournament, which is the continent’s biggest sporting event, and has already been hit hard by the organisation.

During the tournament – organized by Cameroon for the second time in its history after it previously hosted the competition version in 1972 – a number of naive organizational errors occurred in the first round, as the start was with the Egypt-Nigeria match, which was stopped by Gambian referee Bakari Jasama several times due to the invalidity of the balls used in the meeting. .

And it seemed that the air pressure of the balls was not enough, so Jasama had to change 3 balls within 23 minutes during the match that took place in Garoua.

And the organizing committee of the tournament made another mistake during the meeting of Mauritania and Gambia in the group stage, where the Mauritanian team was surprised by playing the old national anthem instead of the current anthem, forcing the organizers to stop it and try to play the new anthem, but they were unable to do so, so that the Gambian anthem was played only before the start of the tournament. The match was delayed by 45 minutes.

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