Le Monde: Dizziness and amnesia… the mysterious Havana syndrome affects the American embassy in Paris

This disease appeared in Cuba in 2016, and its cause is still unknown, and it affects American and Canadian diplomats around the world, and the first case of it has just appeared in Paris last summer, according to a French newspaper.

Writer Lucas Minsenby says in a report He told Le Monde newspaper that the US intelligence services have not yet been able to reveal the cause of this mysterious disease, is it an ultrasound attack, a joint psychosis, or something else?

The writer highlighted that this mystery in Paris also took the form of headache and dizziness, and sometimes led to memory loss, which are typical manifestations of Havana syndrome, as this mysterious neurological disorder that targets exclusively American and Canadian diplomats is called.

He added that the American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” revealed 3 new cases in Geneva and one in the French capital, all dating back to the summer of 2021.

He explained that the US Embassy in the French capital is a huge, heavily fortified building located hundreds of meters from the Elysee Palace, noting that an email was sent to all employees of this embassy to encourage them to report any symptoms.

The writer pointed out that it is impossible to know whether other credible cases have been identified, and in this context, the official of the US State Department, Colton B, was quoted as saying via e-mail, “For reasons of confidentiality and security, we cannot discuss the details or the operations of the embassy in relation to abnormal health incidents. AHI, but we take every report seriously, and work to ensure that affected employees receive the care and support they need.”

He stated that the number of those affected is officially more than 200 people. And all of them are diplomats, consular employees, or agents of the Central Intelligence, or they were in the past, and they revealed their cases in various countries around the world from Australia to Taiwan, through several European countries such as Austria, Germany and Serbia, and even the American intelligence spoke on January 20 The current report is about a thousand cases, depending on the results of this body, which it submitted to the US government.

While the partial investigation conducted so far rejects the hypothesis of coordinated attacks against Americans, the State Department categorically refuses to rule out that possibility. “We are working actively to determine the cause of these incidents, and whether they can be attributed to a foreign power,” Colton B says.

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