Rolls-Royce is building the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft

“Spirit of Innovation” is the name of the all-electric small aircraft developed by the luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce. The name fits, because the electric plane recently set four records in a single day. The speed of 623 km/h achieved for a short time is particularly outstanding – the other performances are similarly noteworthy.

The Spirit of Innovation shortly before launch / Photo: Screenshot on Youtube video below

Old records exceeded by over 200 km/h

The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) named the Rolls-Royce aircraft the fastest all-electric aircraft, not only because it broke the 600 km/h mark, but also because it achieved a speed of around 555.9 km/h over 3 kilometers. h and thus surpassed the previous record by a whole 213.04 km/h. In addition, during further test flights, it was possible to jet through the air for 15 kilometers at 532.1 km/h – another full 292.8 km/h faster than the previous record mark. The records were set on November 16, 2021 at the Boscombe Down flight test site, which belongs to the British Ministry of Defence. The FIA ​​checked and certified the maximum marks and has now issued an official confirmation.

The record flight of the Spirit of Innovation in the video


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Rolls-Royce plans hybrid-electric commuter flights

On the same day, the pilot of the Spirit of Innovation managed to climb to 3000 meters in 202 seconds. The previous record was 60 seconds higher – another clear victory for Rolls-Royce. What makes the plane so special? The small, sporty device draws its power from a 500 hp electric drive, the included battery pack is more powerful than any battery that has been used in the aerospace industry to date. The company used the successful world record flights to collect data for future projects. Rolls-Royce is passionate about hybrid-electric commuter aircraft and all-electric air mobility. The planned air taxis will require batteries similar to those now installed in the Spirit of Innovation.


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