The publication of a video of a mosque devoid of worshipers .. Anger on the communication platforms after the suspension of an Egyptian imam

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The pioneers of communication platforms in Egypt were concerned about the issue of the imam of a mosque in Marsa Matrouh publishing a video clip of a mosque in which he said that it was empty of worshipers, and after publishing the video, the imam was suspended.

And the eighth bulletin (30/1/2022) continued the activists’ interaction with the imam’s behavior and the news of his suspension, as the activist Fahd Al-Faraj said, “These fabrications, this intimidation and wailing no longer deceive anyone – the speaker in the clip pictures the mosque for seconds and the muezzin is calling, it is natural that there are no worshipers, then He went out to photograph the street and the cafeteria, and the muezzin was still calling, then he started comparing and thus, he departed from his legal and professional role and lied, so how can he address the people while he is like that?”

On the other hand, the activist Kawkab said, “Stopping him is an injustice, and injustice in Egypt has become common, and I should ask an expert about it…”.

As for the singer, Sahar, she denounced the imam’s suspension, and wrote, “Why does a man who calls for prayer and reprimands Muslims stop for abandoning the obligatory duty, and this agrees with his role as a clergyman and preacher and a strange minister in amazing days? God suffices us and He is the best agent.”

As for Muhammad Al-Sharqawi, he commented, “If you are getting old, if you sit encouraging the people, no one will talk to you. On the contrary, you would have been promoted as well, and the salary would increase. You only call for prayer. If God wants”.

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