Trip Advisor’s list of the highest-rated cities… Egyptian Hurghada among the most important tourist destinations for 2022

Cairo- The Egyptian city of Hurghada came in the tenth place in the list of the top 10 tourist destinations recommended to visit in 2022, according to the ranking of the “TripAdvisor” website (Trip advisor) for the top-rated cities, published by CNN website (CNN).

Cairo also came in second place in the list of the most important cities that achieve the largest annual increase in a group of positive ratings placed by travelers on the same site, and these ratings include accommodation, restaurants, and recreational activities carried out by the tourist.

Hurghada is famous for diving and yachting tourism (the island)

Diversity of activities

In television statements, the Governor of the Red Sea, Amr Hanafi, said that the arrangement occupied by Hurghada represented a great success for the Egyptian government, and despite the Corona pandemic, there was a great contribution from the state to raise the efficiency of the city, and investors did not stop during the pandemic period to raise the efficiency of their tourist facilities.

Hanafy stressed the great diversity of tourism activities in the city, including diving and yachting tourism, which effectively contributed to Hurghada’s entry into the top ten list.

He pointed to the interest in paving roads, especially the airport road, and its complete reforestation, which is the first thing that the tourist sees, and the development of the tourist walkway in the center of Hurghada with a length of 16 km.

Preventative measurements

The governor also revealed that preventive measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus contributed to the revitalization of tourism in the city, such as the receipt of all workers at Hurghada Airport, Marsa Alam and all workers in tourist and hotel facilities, vaccinations against the Corona virus.

Hanafy pointed to the great turnout of tourists to Hurghada and the Red Sea Governorate, where the city received the German ambassador, Nine weekly flights from Russia arrive at the city’s airport, and it has also received a diplomatic delegation from European consuls to promote tourism in the Red Sea and to emphasize the application of precautionary measures.

A beach in Hurghada Source: Al JazeeraHurghada is considered, with its tourist planning, the first experience of its kind in Egypt (Al Jazeera)

The capital of the Red Sea

Hurghada is the administrative capital of the Red Sea Governorate, located 450 km from Cairo, and its population is about 199,000.

The official website of the governorate describes it as “the oldest tourist city on the land of Egypt, and it took its name from prehistoric times, when it was called the land of Horjat, which is the name given to it in foreign languages” Horgada.

The site indicates that Hurghada is the first city to witness a comprehensive tourism development process. With its tourism planning, it is considered the first experience of its kind in Egypt, given its wealth and tourism components that were not gathered in another region.

Wolfa expected Egyptian Tourism AuthorityThe city of Hurghada covers 40 kilometers of the coastline of the Red Sea, and is characterized by its bright sun throughout the year, as well as its coral reefs.

The Sekala area includes a large number of resorts overlooking the sea, in Dahar the old part of the city and the rich bazaars, while the promenade includes the modern part of the city.

وقول Tourism Authority website Hurghada enjoys a moderate temperature throughout the year, as its dry desert climate imposes large differences in temperature between day and night, becoming hot during the day and cold at night.

Adult resorts have become the preserve of the wealthy class in Egypt.  (Photo from a resort in Hurghada).From a resort in Hurghada (the island)

Giftun Island

The cruise to Giftun Island is one of the most famous marine activities in Hurghada, as the island is about 11 kilometers from Hurghada’s beach, and the sea boats go there to spend the day between swimming, diving and having lunch on the boat.

and includes Giftun Island More than 14 diving sites, and it is considered one of the most beautiful diving sites in the city to see the coral reefs closely. It is also home to seagulls, and is characterized by its crystal clear waters and beaches with fine sand.

The Giftun Island trip attracts the admiration of tourists, as Egyptian and foreign families accept it, and it is considered suitable for adults and children alike.

Desert safaris are also very popular among tourists, where you can visit Bedouin villages, spend time with them, have lunch and Bedouin tea. There are entertainment venues in the city, especially in the marina area and the tourist promenade.

According to for previous statements According to the Governor of the Red Sea, the foreign community in Hurghada amounts to about 60,000 foreigners who are permanent residents in the city.

Cities nearby

From Hurghada, the tourist can head to the village of El Gouna, located 22 kilometers north of Hurghada Airport. It includes many hotels, tourist resorts and luxury restaurants, and has a yacht club to welcome the pioneers of the tourist resort traveling across the sea.

It is also possible to visit the Soma Bay resort, located 60 km north of the city, and the Sahl Hasheesh area is located 25 km south of Hurghada. Marsa Alam City It is 270 km south of Hurghada, and is famous for diving. It includes a unique group of islands, including Peridot Island and Khawar Island. There is also a unique group of mountains and valleys.

Tourist companies organize trips for tourists from Hurghada to Egyptian cities, such as Cairo and Luxor, during their tourism programs.

Tourist resort in El Gouna Source: Al JazeeraA tourist resort in El Gouna, one of the areas near Hurghada (the island)

The resumption of Russian tourism

And last August, Hurghada Airport received the first flight of EgyptAir from Moscow after Resumption of air traffic from Russia to Egyptian tourist citiesAfter Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the lifting of the flight ban on Egyptian tourist cities, after years of absence since the accident of the Russian plane in Sinai at the end of October 2015.

And last November, low-cost charter flights returned from Russia to the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada.

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